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Nicki Minaj argues with Philadelphia Health Department over bizarre vaccination tweet

Nicki Minaj has responded to a tweet from the Philadelphia Public Health Department’s mocking her bizarre viral Covid tweet.

Last September, the rapper made headlines as she shared a series of allegations about the coronavirus vaccine.

Minaj explained that she was not appearing at that month’s Met Gala as they required a proof of vaccination to attend, adding that she would only get vaccinated “once I feel I’ve done enough research”.

She then claimed that her cousin’s friend’s testicles became “swollen” and he “became impotent” after getting vaccinated. Minaj was called out for the tweet, as impotency or engorged genitals are not listed as a side effect of Covid vaccines by any major health organisations.

On Friday (18 February), the Philadelphia Public Health Department appeared to mock Minaj by sharing a screenshot of her viral tweet beneath a more recent post of hers where she wrote: “Nothing like watching someone speak confidently about something they know nothing about.”

In a series of tweets that have since been deleted, Minaj tweeted: “Philadelphia’s public health account is posting Nicki Minaj tweets for engagement.

“They are attempting to shame ppl for advising others to PRAY, be COMFORTABLE & NOT BE BULLIED. I’ve never seen a vaccine trigger this amount of shaming & fear tactics have you? #DoWeHaveAProblem.”

At the time of her original tweet, England’s chief medical officer Chris Witty said Minaj should be “ashamed” of her comments.

Anthony Fauci also said that Minaj should “be thinking twice about propagating information that really has no basis”.

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