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Listen to Rauw Alejandro’s Surprise Album ‘Playa Saturno’

Back in January, Rauw Alejandro took listeners to outer space with his futuristic album Saturno. Now, he’s extending the journey: On Friday, the Puerto Rican star released a surprise “spinoff” record called Playa Saturno, where he brings the beach to the otherworldly planet where he left things off on his previous LP.

Playa Saturno features a spate of unexpected collaborations: Rauw teams up with Mexican corridos tumbados singer Junior H on “Picardía,” reggaetón icon Ivy Queen on “Celebrando,” and Spanish pop legend Miguel Bosé on “Si Te Pegas.” Puerto Rican duo Jowell y Randy and Ñego y Dálmata also join him on the album.

On the opener, “Playa Saturno Intro,” Alejandro dedicates the project to his fans: “You’re one of the people that I think of most. I make music because it makes me happy, but I also do it for you, to be with you in every moment of your life, regardless of your emotional state,” he says. “In all the experiences you can’t forget, I want to be there too. I hope we can always stay connected. Welcome to Playa Saturno. Thanks for being my fan.”

Reggaetón duo Ñego y Dálmata is the first guest appearance on the album with “No Me La Molestes,” which mixes in the “Pasarela” musicians’ classic reggaetón style. The duo made a musical comeback on a track with Yandel earlier this year, following a five-year hiatus.

Rauw revealed that he’d be dropping the album on Thursday, sharing the tracklist on Instagram alongside an image that shows him sitting by a beach umbrella on another planet. In the caption, he wrote that he still felt like he was deep in the world of Saturno, which allowed him to experiment with his sound.

“When I was touring, I couldn’t stop thinking of summer, the season that holds so many memories and adventures near the beach of Puerto Rico, where music has always been with me,” he wrote. “Being away from home really is like living on Saturn and I felt so much nostalgia hahaha and with zero time I don’t know how I made this happen.”

“I decided to make this album for the fans of classic and modern reggaetón, especially for my people of PR,” he added. “10000% PERREO.”

Rauw revealed that a spinoff to Saturno was coming in an interview with Variety in May. “It’s not a prequel,” he told the outlet. “It’s like when you’re watching a movie and there’s another storyline that happens while the movie is happening in parallel — I have an album like that of Saturno.”

The singer, who’s set to return to his Saturno World Tour next month in Europe, also told the outlet that he plans to include some of the LP’s songs into his show’s setlist. “it’s a big project. I like to do big stuff,” he said of it. “It’s all connected to Saturno because I’m touring that album until the end of the year.”


Rauw shared the first glimpse of Playa Saturno with “Baby Hello,” a track featuring producer Bizarrap late last month. Since Saturno, he also released a joint EP RR with his fiancée Rosalía and collaborated with Angel Dior on “Tamo en Nota” and Bizarrap on his “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 56.

Playa Saturno Tracklist

  1. Playa Saturno Intro
  2. Cuando Baje El Sol
  3. Al Callao’
  4. Cuki
  5. No Me la Molestes Ft. Ñejo Y Dalmata
  6. Picardía Ft. Junior H
  7. Ponte Nasty Ft. Jowell Y Randy
  8. Inquieto
  9. Hoy Aquí
  10. Celebrando Ft. Ivy Queen
  11. No Me Sorprende
  12. Diluvio
  13. Si Te Pegas Ft. Miguel Bosé
  14. Baby Hello Ft. Bizarrap

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