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Lil Nas X offers pizza to ‘homophobic protesters’ outside his Boston concert

Lil Nas X offered pizza to “homophobic protesters” camped outside his Boston show over the weekend.

On Monday (19 September), the 23-year-old rapper posted a video of a group of protestors who showed up outside his concert in Boston.

Some of the protestors carried signs that read: “Jesus is God, even demons know it” and “Repent and believe the gospel.”

Speaking of the incident, Lil Nas X, whose real name is Montero Lamar Hill, wrote over a TikTok video: “So peopel [sic] were protesting my concert last night.

“So we brought them pizza.”

In the video, Lil Nas X’s team can be seen handing out boxes of pizzas to the protestors, however, they seem to have declined the gesture.

The “Industry Baby” rapper posted the same clip to Twitter and joked that, while the protestors declined the food, he “accidentally fell in love with one of the homophobic protestors.”

“Can’t stop thinking about the cute homophobic guy that was protesting my concert last night,” he wrote. “I just know we had a connection. I miss him so much man. I’m nothing without him.”

Many fans praised Lil Nas X’s ability to find humour in such a “serious” situation.

“Great move. Fight hate with love!” one person wrote. Another added: “That’s what I call kill ‘em with kindness. Props to you and your amazing team Lil Nas X.”

Many fans also joked that the rapper should find the man in the video.

“Go for it Nas. Get your guy,” a fan wrote, while another commented added: “Get your man Nas.”

Last year, Lil Nas X dismissed criticism from conservatives over his new music video for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”, in which he is seen giving Satan a lap dance.

While the video received a rapturous reception from fans, fellow artists and critics, Lil Nas X received a backlash from right-wing pundits in the US over the provocative religious context.

“There was no system involved. I made the decision to create the music video,” he said in response to one critic who accused him of setting a bad example to his younger fans.

“I am an adult. I am not gonna spend my entire career trying to cater to your children. That is your job.”

In an earlier tweet, he commented: “There is a mass shooting every week that our government does nothing to stop. Me sliding down a CGI pole isn’t what’s destroying society.”

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