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LOOK: Bethenny Frankel Shares Rare TikTok With Paul Bernon & Fans Are Loving It


Bethenny Frankel in 2018

Former “Real Housewives of New York” star, Bethenny Frankel, shared a rare video with her fiancé Paul Bernon and the fans cannot handle the cuteness.

On January 5, 2022, Bethenny posted the silly TikTok to her official Instagram page. The video featured the pair, in casual comfy clothes lip-synching to a remake of the “Golden Girls” theme song. In the video, Paul gets extra silly dancing around Bethenny before picking her up and dipping her in their kitchen.

Here’s everything you need to know:

The Fans Asked to See More of Paul & Said ‘Happy Looks Good on You’

The fans, who rarely see Paul even in photos loved getting a glimpse into their relationship and Paul’s personality.

The video was really meant to be a tribute to Betty White, who died on New Year’s Eve 2021 as Bethenny captioned the photo with Golden Girls and Betty White hashtags. The written caption was a play in Paul’s crazy dancing, “I always thought I was the peacock in this relationship,” she wrote. “Who is the peacock in yours?”

The fans took to the comments and showered the couple with positivity and excitement over the video.

I live for your TikTok’s,” someone wrote. “I thought he was the quiet type…. Guess not,” someone else wrote. 

“I CANNOT STOP WATCHING,” a fan wrote along with a plethora of laughing emojis. “So sweet love you 2 together,” another fan wrote. “Ok so that was extremely cute. And funny,” another fan wrote.

“that was the coolest s**t I have seen all year,” someone wrote.

Many fans were fooled by Paul’s lip-synching and actually thought he was singing, but it was a dub of Joel Salabarria’s performance.

Many fans asked to see more of Paul.

“Love seeing his personality shine. Happy looks good on you,” someone wrote. “We need more Paul,” another commented.

“Hahah!! Love him! We need to see him more! So funny,” someone wrote. “I love this guy for you,” another fan wrote.

“Now this was epic!!! I didn’t even think he spoke,” another fan joked with laughing emojis. “Awwww! He’s come sooooo far from being private and not wanting to be on camera. Happy 2022 Luvbirds,” another fan wrote.

“Oh mmmmmmm geeeeeeee !!! I never knew he had such a huge personality !!! No wonder he is perfect for @bethennyfrankel !!! That was awesome sauce,” another fan wrote.

At press time the video had already acquired over 74,000 likes compared with a photo of Bethenny in a bikini at 19,000 likes and a video of her with daughter Bryn at just under 18,000 likes. You could say Paul’s appearance was a social media success.

Bethenny Urged Her Followers to ‘Resolve to Love Yourself’ in New Year’s 2022 Message on Instagram

On January 6, 2022, Bethenny shared a photo of herself on a beach in a bikini. The post, meant to give people a reality check about weight loss and diets, also urged her followers to love themselves.

“Perhaps this year resolve to love yourself, to understand how hard life has been for you, to be generally healthy, in a realistic way & to do the absolute best that you can given the current circumstances versus some fantasy boot camp, keto, egg white, intermittent fasting, low carb 1,200 calorie pleasure-free life that isn’t a reality,” she wrote.

The Skinny Girl creator is often criticized about her weight and has been vocal about make-up and filter-free photos on her Instagram recently.

“I’ll post these for you periodically to remind you that no makeup and natural is as real as we can be. I haven’t seen any surgery or products that can compete with a good night’s sleep. There may come a day that I’ll ask you if it’s time to get some work done, but for today I’m happy just the way I am. #thisisme,” she wrote on a December 23, 2021, Instagram post.

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