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Lauren Risley on ‘Call the Closer’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


Lauren Risley hosts HGTV’s new series, “Call the Closer.”

Lauren Risley is HGTV’s newest leading lady, hosting its upcoming series “Call the Closer.” According to the show’s description, she is a “real estate and home renovation expert” based in St. Louis, Missouri.

She “will help her clients navigate the daunting home buying process and break through the barriers that are standing in their way of finding the right house,” HGTV announced. “Then, alongside her talented team, she will guide the new owners through a renovation that will give them the home of their dreams.”

“Call the Closer” premieres on November 8, 2021, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. It will also be available to stream on discovery+.

Here is what you need to know:

1. Risley Owns Her Own Real Estate Firm

Risley is a real estate agent and the owner of Lauren Risley Realty.

As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported, at the age of 19 she started a cycle of buying homes to only live in for a couple of years before selling. She was eventually hired by a friend of her sister’s who taught her the basics of renovation, like installing tile.

Meanwhile, she had a business degree and career in finance, according to the publication. While she loved the accompanying travel, she explained, “I did not see the next 30, 40 years of my life traveling every week, walking through corporate offices.”

Seven years ago she redirected her focus to her true passion of real estate, with her license from the Missouri Division of Professional Registration issued in 2014.

She also told the outlet, “I started renovating as an arm of my business.”

2. Risley Owns a Dog Named Gus

Risley keeps most of her personal life off social media, but her dog Gus is front and center.

Sharing a behind-the-scenes photo of “Call the Closer” on Instagram, she formally introduced Gus to her followers on October 22, 2021. “Meet Gus: The real star of Call the Closer,” she wrote in the caption. “He enjoys short walks, playing ball, food of ANY KIND, patio hopping on a beautiful day, belly rubs and all of the attention at all times!”

Her love for dogs extends beyond just Gus, with Lauren Risley Realty regularly sponsoring dogs for adoption. As she revealed on her firm’s website, “She loves dogs more than people.”

3. The Journey to ‘Call the Closer’ Started 3 Years Ago

In an Instagram post on November 8, Risley revealed the journey to getting “Call the Closer” on-air started three years ago with the help of Steve Luebbert and Coolfire Studios.

“There is so much I can say about Steve and Coolfire but I think I’ll keep it simple and say how truly blessed I feel to have met you!” she captioned a photo with Luebbert. “AND not because of Call the Closer but because I have made the most amazing memories and friendships that will last far beyond any TV show. I am so thankful for this opportunity and DANG did we have fun!!”

She first gained their attention when she began posting videos of her work online as a means of marketing, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The eight-episode series was filmed from March through August, the outlet revealed.

“The crew is unbelievable. I will never watch TV the same way again,” she told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, revealing the crew worked six-day weeks. “It’s unbelievable what goes into each and every one of those episodes. This is not a job for them, this is their passion.”

4. Risley Grew up in Missouri

Risley grew up in St. Charles, Missouri, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. As Explore St. Louis explains, it is a “colonial town” along the Missouri River about “30 minutes west of downtown St. Louis.”

She is an alum of Francis Howell Central High School, in the nearby Cottleville, St. Louis Post-Dispatch added.

5. Risley Has a Passion for Pizza

As Risley wrote on her firm’s website, “she is on the constant hunt for the best pizza place.”

“I wish pizza had the same health benefits as fruits and veggies… Regardless I. LOVE. PIZZA,” she wrote on Instagram, quipping, “*sorry to all of my vegetarian friends.*”

If she has since found the perfect pizza, she has not shared. But, on her firm’s Facebook page, she called herself a “Local Foodie by Night.”

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