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Lamar Odom Says Todrick Hall Needs to Be More Humble


Lamar Odom talking to Julie Chen Moonves after his eviction from the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house.

Former NBA player Lamar Odom was the first houseguest evicted during the “Celebrity Big Brother” double eviction on February 21.

During his time on the show, Lamar delighted fans with his utter lack of “Big Brother” knowledge. For example, he wasn’t aware that a jury decided the winner of the show and told the other houseguests that he didn’t think “losers” should get to pick the winner.

But despite his naivete about the game, Lamar made it to the final five. Heavy had a chance to catch up with him about what he expected going into the experience and why he thinks Todrick Hall needs to learn to navigate fame better.

What Did Lamar Expect from ‘Celebrity Big Brother?’

Lamar clearly didn’t watch much “Big Brother” before appearing on the show, so what was he expecting from the experience?

“I guess just to learn about people in a social environment like that,” he told Heavy. “I knew I was gonna be stretched mentally without my phone and no TV…but I didn’t think it was gonna be that tough.”

The former Laker opened up about some of the hardest parts of being in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house. “The lack of sleep, those bright lights…if I’m just sitting around, maybe I’ll just start singing. And in the ‘Big Brother’ house, you can’t even sing,” he said. “But the experience was incredible, I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Lamar Says Todrick Made Everything About Him

Like almost all of the evicted houseguests, Lamar doesn’t think Todrick has a chance at winning. “Unfortunately I think he probably pissed off too many of the jurors. Especially if they’re watching it now and they’re probably going to be influenced by what people are saying on social media,” he said.

He told Heavy that he thinks Todrick is young and still figuring out how to navigate fame correctly. “I don’t think he knows how to carry it with humility,” he said. “Being humble, a lot of people respond well to that…it’s more than just having a kid come backstage for you to sign something for him. Because you know a lot of celebrities and stars can do that and they know how it looks for them. And if you’re doing things just because of how it looks for you, I think people will kinda see through that.”

On the live feeds, Lamar ripped up a deck of Todrick’s playing cards. He told Heavy he thinks he probably did that because he was annoyed with Todrick.

“Just everything is not about you all the time,” he said about Todrick. He revealed that at one point, he went to Todd Bridges to say he couldn’t handle much more of Todrick’s bragging. “If he keeps talking about how his shows are, his thing, how it is for him…everything was just him, him, him, him, him,” he said.

But Lamar says he still considers Todrick a friend and wants to take his daughter to see one of his shows. “Sometimes when people disagree or they have a little beef, it can pull them closer together,” he said.

Lamar Made Friends for Life on the Show

Lamar said that he enjoyed getting to know all his fellow houseguests, especially those who made it to the final five with him — Todrick, Miesha Tate, Todd Bridges, and Cynthia Bailey. He plans to go see Miesha’s next fight and says he’ll miss Carson Kressley’s sense of humor.

In his exit interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Lamar revealed that he’d even asked Todd Bridges to be his sober coach. Lamar told Heavy that he and Todd sometimes had disagreements in the house, but that it didn’t matter. “Brothers fight and then go outside and play the same day,” he said.

He’s happy that he didn’t really know any of the houseguests before meeting them on “Celebrity Big Brother.” “It was easy for me to be nonjudgmental,” he said.

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