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Kristoffer Polaha Reveals His True Feelings About Working With Hallmark


Kristoffer Polaha

Kristoffer Polaha just starred in one of Hallmark’s very first Countdown to Christmas movies: “We Wish You a Married Christmas.” Now he’s revealing why he loves working with Hallmark as much as he does.

‘They Show Up Without Their Egos’

Kristoffer Polaha Reveals His True Feelings About Working With Hallmark


In an interview with People, Polaha explained just what it is that draws him to working with Hallmark.

He said: “It’s the most collaborative experience I’ve ever had in my life. I think everybody knows what the score is. They show up without their egos, and they’re ready to work and they know what they’re doing. They know the thing that they’re making. It ends up just being a really cool, again, fun three-week collaboration.”

He added that the turnaround time for movies is really short, so that makes it a lot of fun.

“You get 15 shooting days and it’s like camp,” he told People. “It’s a Hallmark camp.”

He Shared His Experiences Working with Meghan Markle

Polaha also talked about what it was like working with Meghan Markle, who starred with him on Hallmark’s “Dater’s Handbook.” He told People that the movie was made about six months before she met Prince Harry.

“We were good friends,” he said. “She texted me when she met him, she was like, ‘I just met somebody.’”

He said that once she got engaged, he only heard from her one more time, and hasn’t talked to her since.

“I literally got a text that said, ‘I’m engaged. I got to bounce.’ That was it,” he told People.

His ‘Mystery 101’ Series Has an Unknown Future

Polaha stars with Jill Wagner on “Mystery 101.” The movie series hasn’t been canceled, but there also hasn’t been any news about it since their last installment ended on a cliffhanger.

When Kristoffer Polaha appeared on The Hallmarkies Podcast in December 2021, he shared some hints about what might be in store in the future of “Mystery 101.”

“I don’t know the ins and outs of what they’re [Hallmark] doing day to day,” Polaha shared. “I know that they are rejiggering their approach to mysteries. … As a viewer, I think you can see a lot of redundancies between the different mysteries. It’s like a girl with a quirky job meets up with a cop and then they solve crimes together. … I think the idea is, ‘Why don’t we do mysteries and just make them a little more interesting or a little more diverse… Let’s just kind of mix up the formula.’”

He continued, sharing:

But I do know that ‘Mystery 101’ has performed really, really, really well for the network. They get big numbers rating-wise, and they sell overseas internationally. And I think for a few conversations I’ve had with people at the network that there’s still very much a heartbeat in the show, and still very much love to continue telling the story of Travis and Amy and Graham. And so there will be more. I think that the fans can take a deep breath and know that there is more to come.

In an interview with TV Shows Ace, writer John Christian Plummer shared that he’s already written the script for the next movie in the series.

“Hallmark knows that I’m ready to go as soon as they give me the green light. I so appreciate how much fans are lobbying for this to happen,” he said.

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