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Kevin McGarry Teases 3 Women Catching Nathan’s Eye on ‘When Calls the Heart’

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When Calls the Heart

In a recent interview, Kevin McGarry teased that Nathan had not one, not two, but three potential love interests in season 9 of “When Calls the Heart.” The new season premieres on the Hallmark Channel on Sunday, March 6.

McGarry Said There Are ‘Three Scenarios’ with ‘Three Eligible Bachelorettes’

McGarry teased three possible romantic scenarios that his character Nathan might be exploring in season 9 of “When Calls the Heart.” Nathan just had his heart broken last season when Elizabeth chose to pursue a relationship with Lucas. But now it looks like Nathan will be moving on.

McGarry teased the relationships in an interview with the Hallmark Happenings Podcast. You can watch the full interview below.

INTERVIEW: KEVIN MCGARRY from When Calls the Heart & The Wedding Veil (On Hallmark Channel)Actor Kevin McGarry joins Hallmark Happenings to talk all about his latest Hallmark movie THE WEDDING VEIL. Of course we talk about his Bostonian accent in the film & getting to work with Lacey Chabert. Plus, Kevin shares some fun details about his love interests in season 9 of WHEN CALLS THE HEART! Be sure…2022-01-20T18:04:35Z

McGarry said that Mei Sou, Faith, and Fiona all might catch Nathan’s eye.

He said:

Amanda Wong plays Mei Sou who’s a new character that comes to town. Usually you don’t get a character who comes to town who doesn’t have some kind of secret or back story. So she’s no exception. She’s got something, a reason why she’s in town, maybe something she’s running from that might get her close to law enforcement in the town. Maybe. So there might be something like that.

As far as Faith and Nathan go, you know, maybe the latest eligible bachelor and bachelorettes of Hope Valley… They’re both first responders. So you know, they share kind of a professional life that might bring them close together as well.

And you know, Nathan has a mustache at the beginning of the season and it’s not there at the end, so somebody had to shave it off. and you know, there’s a barber…

I mean, I don’t know. But there’s three scenarios of three eligible bachelorettes and Nathan. He could have a tie with all three of those.

He then joked that we’d see who Nathan offers the “rose” to “if he does.”

“I mean… He’s not reeling, but … Elizabeth’s still in town, and those feelings don’t just go away…” he said. “So we’ll see what happens.”

Andrea Brooks Said Faith & Nathan Share Things in Common

Andrea Brooks, who plays Faith on the series, spoke with ET Online about Nathan and Faith. She said that they do share some things in common. Their scene together in the season 8 finale is a “simple honest moment between two brokenhearted people,” she said.

“Nathan and faith do share a lot of things in common,” Brooks added.

Faith’s heart was also broken at the end of season 8 when she and Carson broke up and he chose to leave town rather than propose to her. It’s not clear at this time if Carson will be in season 9 at all, but we do know that Faith is returning.

In a podcast interview with BriouxTV, Brooks agreed that there are three eligible bachelorettes in Hope Valley and “one very eligible bachelor.”

As far as Mei Sou is concerned, Brooks said that she and Faith will have some interactions too.

“There’s actually a little bit of a connection between Faith and Mei that you’re going to see explored in the first half of the season,” she teased.

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