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Julie Chen Moonves Hopes People Give Todrick ‘Grace and Forgiveness’


Julie Chen Moonves, host of ‘Celebrity Big Brother.’

The atmosphere at the “Celebrity Big Brother” season finale on February 23 was a bit tense, to say the least.

When the runner-up Todrick Hall addressed the jury to say why he deserved to win, evicted houseguests Chris Kirkpatrick and Todd Bridges rolled their eyes. Shanna Moakler wouldn’t even look at the screen. And when the jury members stood to cast their votes, several of them made cutting remarks about Todrick as they did.

The evicted houseguests weren’t the only ones frustrated by some of the comments Todrick made in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house. The hashtag #TodrickExposedParty is trending on Twitter and “Big Brother” fans have called on “Big Brother 23” alums who are friends with Todrick to condemn his behavior.

Todrick had no idea how his behavior on the show was being received until finale night. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “Celebrity Big Brother” host Julie Chen Moonves said she’s hoping people can forgive Todrick.

Julie Said Her ‘Heart Hurt’ for Todrick

Entertainment Weekly asked Julie how Todrick reacted when it became clear his fellow houseguests were giving him the cold shoulder.

“My heart hurt for him. He was aware and he looked concerned. My guess is, he was probably rewinding in his mind what he did in the house to make people upset,” she said. “I pray he makes any and all amends to those he hurt and that people allow grace and forgiveness.”

Todd Bridges was among the houseguests who felt betrayed by Todrick when he left the house and heard things he’d said about him behind his back. But in our exit interview with him, he said he would accept an apology from the YouTuber.

“I definitely would accept his apology,” he said. “But I think where he messed up is with the fan base…they’re really upset with him. And I think he’s gonna lose a lot of fans because of it.”

Todrick Has Yet to Speak Out About the Backlash

It’s customary for every houseguest to do press interviews after they leave the “Celebrity Big Brother” house. Every cast member from this season did so with the exception of Todrick. He canceled all interviews on finale night. Even Chris Kattan, who voluntarily left the show early, did interviews.

Todrick has also refrained from addressing the criticism he’s received on social media. He’s been quiet on Twitter. He’s been posting infographics on his Instagram story about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, and other political stories but hasn’t said anything publicly about his stint on “Celebrity Big Brother.”

The ‘Big Brother Canada’ Cast Has Been Announced

“Big Brother” fans have a while to wait until “Big Brother 24,” but in the meantime, there’s “Big Brother Canada.” Season 10 premieres on Wednesday, March 4.

The full cast list for season 10 is available on the “Big Brother Canada” website. Seasons 1-9 of the show have been added to Paramount Plus so U.S. residents can catch up on past seasons. U.S. residents looking for information on how to watch “BBCAN10” should follow the “Big Brother” Twitter account @hamsterwatch for updates.

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