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Jenn Todryk Shares Candid Photos From Her Family’s Disney World Trip


Jenn Todryk stars in HGTV’s “No Demo Reno.”

Before Jenn Todryk was starring on her hit HGTV series “No Demo Reno,” she was a social media sensation. She rose to fame after her blog “The Rambling Redhead” amassed a large readership. The mother-of-three still shares snippets of her life on her Instagram account. For instance, she recently uploaded photos of her family during their visit to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. 

Jenn Todryk Shared Family Pictures on Instagram

Jenn’s post, uploaded on August 30, featured five photos from her family’s Disney World trip. In the first photo, the HGTV star stood next to her husband, Mike, who was holding their youngest daughter Vivienne. Their two other children, Von and Berkley, stood in front of them. The following photo showed Von leaving his family with his arms crossed. The third shot consisted of  Jenn jumping and Berkley standing beside her. In the fourth image, Jenn and Mike, who wed in 2011, posed together with their eyes closed. The final shot featured Berkley and Vivienne sitting in a stroller while their brother crouched in front of them. 

In the caption of the post, Jenn asserted that the pictures were “the most realistic portrayal of [their] family enjoying Disney World.” She also noted that she shared those specific photos from the trip for the sake of transparency. 

“It honestly was a BLAST but it wouldn’t be fair to post the few ‘IG worthy’ pics when 98% look like this [crying-laughing emoji] I would say that years to come I’ll love these pictures but honestly, I love them now! Toddler legs flailing, kid legs walking away, and if anyone’s precious eyeballs come in contact with a little bit of sunlight… it’s over. But this is our life right now and while these kids may not be the best at posed photography *their mom isn’t either so it’s fine [grimacing face emoji]* they eat vegetables so I’ll keep ‘em. [crying laughing emoji] Enjoy the ‘messy’ photos! Love them. Post them. It’s real life! [red heart emoji] Who did it better, Viv and her legs or Von walking off… I think Von wins this one [grinning squinting face emoji],” read a portion of the post’s caption. 

Quite a few fans flocked to the post’s comments section to let the HGTV personality know that they appreciated the pictures. 

“Maybe the best thing I’ve seen all day, lol! Thanks for keeping it real!” wrote one fan, along with a clapping emoji.

“Best photos! Love the real moments. [crying laughing emoji] [red heart emoji],” added another commenter. 

“I love the reality here!! Amazing! [red heart emoji],” chimed in a third Instagram user.

Jenn Todryk Discussed Her Appeal in 2019

While speaking to DFW Child in December 2019, the 33-year-old discussed her appeal. She explained that she believed her fans are drawn to her because she is “weird” and “do[es] little skits and stuff.” She also noted that she discussed numerous subjects on her blog. 

“Most people, when they make a profile in their home decor or fashion, or whatever, you stay in your lane. That’s what you do. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, and that’s why my blog was called Life as a Rambling Redhead,” said Jenn. “It’s funny—I originally wanted to do a home decorating blog. That’s what I was going to do, but I didn’t have any home decorating to talk about, so I did a post called “I, Mother of Baby Terrorists,” and that one did really good, and so I wrote a second funny one, and that one did really good. So I’m so glad I did Life as a Rambling Redhead because even though it’s obnoxiously long, and now, I’m just pretty much the Rambling Redhead on everything, it’s just all my life.” 

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