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Jenn Todryk Introduces ‘Newest Team Todryk Family Member’ on Instagram


Jenn Todryk stars in HGTV’s “No Demo Reno.”

“No Demo Reno” star Jenn Todryk and her husband Mike Todryk are parents to three children, Von, Berkley, and Vivienne. The couple also has an English Cream Golden Retriever called Gary. Todryk recently took to Instagram to announce that they have added another furry friend to their family.

Jenn Todryk Shared a Picture of Her Daughter’s Pet on Instagram

The post, uploaded on September 17, featured three photos. In the first photo, Todryk’s eldest daughter, Berkley, stood in front of a PetSmart while holding a white cardboard box. The following two photos were close-up shots of a hamster.

In the post’s caption, Todryk shared that the hamster is named Miss Sprinkles.

“The newest team Todryk family member is very small yet has proven to be very fast [hamster emoji] Berkley has been wanting her own hamster for a while now and spent her own money on Ms. Sprinkles. We’ve had the rodent for about an hour and have only lost her under a bookshelf once, so I feel like we’re totally winning. Berk is over the moon in love while Mike is experiencing different emotions. [three crying-laughing emoji],” wrote the HGTV star.

Todryk also asked her followers for validation that hamsters are relatively low-maintenance.

“Aren’t hamsters easy?! I feel like they are… like, one step above a fish in the care department, right? [grimacing emoji] right…?” read a portion of the post’s caption.

Many social media users took the time to answer Todryk’s question.

“Ok so here’s a warning.. they can be master escape artists.. like out of the cage just GONE! I had one when I was younger living with my mom and mine escaped and was in her closet! It chewed up the carpet [two crying-laughing emoji] I’m surprised the cats didn’t catch it and eat it actually [crying-laughing emoji]. Good luck!! [heart-eye emoji],” wrote one fan.

“Haha well pretty easy, but cleaning the cage isn’t real fun. Just keep in mind their lifespan isn’t very long, so prepare yourselves for that. I would recommend a ball to put her in while you clean her cage,” replied another commenter.

“We went through three hamsters in a month because they just kept randomly dying – I was sick of having very dramatic hamster funerals – my daughter requested Celine dion music, flowers and grave markers – so we gave it up and got a bunny [crying-laughing emoji],” shared a third Instagram user.

Jenn Todryk Discussed Her Dog in May 2021

Todyrk briefly mentioned her family’s other pet, Gary, during a May 2021 appearance on the “HGTV Obsessed” podcast. She shared that even though she has children, her white “couch stayed really clean until Gary, our golden retriever.”

“We just got Gary and he’s destroying every nice thing we have and we don’t have like too many super  expensive things and the couch really wasn’t at all, it’s a couch. It’s an expensive piece, in relative of everything else. But luckily we have slip covers, so I can take it off and wash it. We just don’t take food out of the kitchen, that’s like a rule I’m really big on,” said Todryk.

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