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Jenelle Evans Unfollows Husband After Transphobic Posts

Jenelle Evans/David Eason

“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans ignited rumors that she and David Eason were having problems after she unfollowed him on Instagram.

“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans ignited rumors that she and David Eason were having problems after she unfollowed him on Instagram.

As of March 31 Eason’s bio on TikTok says, “Jenelle Blocked me because I didn’t text her back 🥲,” and eagle-eyed fans on Reddit noticed Evans was no longer following Eason on Instagram.

The drama started after Evans began feuding TikTok influencer Gabbie Egan, her former friend. Eason got involved after Egan and her friend, Oliva Aronson — a trans woman — held the trans pride flag and said “f*** David Eason.”

He then went on to misgender Aronson repeatedly and told his followers he would be coming out with a line of hateful merchandise.

He has since deleted the offensive posts on TikTok.

It wasn’t immediately clear what went down between Evans and Eason, but the apparent rift comes after Eason shared a number of homophobic and transphobic content on social media.

Eason has a history of sharing offensive posts online, which is the reason he was fired from “Teen Mom 2” in 2018. Evans was followed from the series the following year after Eason shot and killed their pet dog, a French bulldog named Nugget.

Eason and Evans briefly split in October 2019 after the couple temporarily lost custody of their children because of Nugget’s death. Evans took their daughter, Ensley, and her son, Kaiser — whom she shares with ex-fiance Nathan Griffith — and moved to Nashville. The couple was spotted together again in January 2020 and they officially reconciled in March 2020, with Evans moving back to their home in North Carolina on “The Land.”

Eason Said He’s Going to Sell ‘Super Straight’ T-shirts

The first T-shirt he posted via Instagram on March 29 included a Chick-fil-A logo and says “Super Straight.”

“New merch line coming soon! A large percentage of the proceeds will go to the straight/heterosexual community which has been receiving an extraordinary amount of hate the past few years!” he wrote online. “This T shirt plus a few other designs will be available very soon!”

“Since we straight people have received sooooo much hate from @bbyegan , her gang of misfits and the lbgtqrs community, we decided to turn their negative into a positive and donate the proceeds to centers for helping adults learn the different between male and female,” he wrote on March 30.

Evans Said She Didn’t Know Why She & Egan Were Feuding

Before taking a social media hiatus, Evans posted a TikTok where she shared a series of videos of Egan talking about her.

Evans claimed she was being bullied because of Egan’s online attacks and that her health was suffering as a result. The star revealed on March 11 she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

“This started out of no where, so I am just as confused as to why she constantly mentions me. Wanted to make it aware that she does this to other creators as well,” she said. “Idk what I did for her to hate me.”

“My stress level HAS been affecting my physical health and this is one of the reasons,” she continued. “If you see my comments off it’s because she’s flooding my page with haters 💗.”

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