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How Katy Perry Raises Her Baby With Orlando Bloom Gone


US singer/songwriter Katy Perry attends a press conference in Mumbai on November 12, 2019, ahead of her concert on November 16 at the OnePlus Music Festival.

In a recent interview for LuisaViaRoma’s first issue of LVR Magazine, Katy Perry opened up about many aspects of her life, from juggling her busy schedule to raising a baby during the pandemic.

At one point, she acknowledged that her family “stays together as much as possible,” in the words of the outlet, even while Bloom is away, shooting his second season of “Carnival Row” in Prague.

Perry told the outlet, “We visit him a lot, and I love carrying her on me or going for walks all day with the stroller. She points at things and says ‘da,’ to which I say, ‘yes, that is a cat,’ or ‘that is a tree.’”

Perry said of Daisy Dove, who was born on August 26, 2020: “She is adaptable and happy; her schedule fluctuates. In the beginning, I worried about a schedule, but decided I won’t be that mom. All that matters is that everyone is happy.”

In her interview with LVR, Perry discussed parenting Daisy Dove in quarantine, sharing, “I was grateful for the opportunity to be present. I mean, I still would have been, but I would have had FOMO scratching at me just a hot bit… Not really, though. She is everything I was ever looking for.”

Here’s what else you need to know:

Katy Perry: ‘I Am Used to Spinning Quite a Few Plates’

It should come as no shock that Perry is a busy lady– along with a Vegas show, motherhood, and visiting Bloom, Perry judges “American Idol”.

Speaking of her Vegas show, Perry explained, “It’s so funny to play there because my aunt was a topless showgirl dancing at the Stardust, and my grandmother was a seamstress for the show. Resorts World sits on the same ground, so Vegas is very much in my blood.”

She continued, “I’m aiming for my audience to be the family—eight to 80 years old. I do everything with a wink. Even if it’s a sexual connotation, it’s subtle. It’s not about the peacock.”

In August, Deadline announced that Perry, Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Ryan Seacrest would all be returning for the show’s fifth season on ABC, and 20th season overall.

While the show won’t air until Spring 2022, auditions started in early August with a “nationwide search for stars taking place across all 50 states plus Washington, D.C.,” according to Deadline.

In a statement, Rob Mills, EVP of Unscripted and Alternative Entertainment at Walt Disney Television, shared, “Luke, Katy, Lionel and Ryan are music and industry icons that have become synonymous with Idol on ABC. Their star power is unmatched, and their support is a gift to our contestants that have deeply benefited from their wisdom over the past four seasons—and they’re ready to do it again. As we begin a momentous season, I think it’s safe to say this dream team has officially cemented their legacy on Idol.”

Bloom on ‘Carnival Row’

CARNIVAL ROW Official Trailer (2019) Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne MovieCARNIVAL ROW Official Trailer Movie in theatre 30 August 2019. © 2019 – Amazon Prime Video2019-08-06T19:23:53Z

In May, the Midgard Times reported that filming resumed on Amazon’s series “Carnival Row.”

The outlet wrote, “According to the reports, the ‘Carnival Row’ team is back with Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne in the city to shoot the remaining parts of season 2.”

Season 1 of the show earned a 57% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes and an 87% from audience members.


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