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How Hallmark Could Make More ‘Wedding Veil’ Movies Next Year

Crown Media

The Wedding Veil

The Hallmark Channel’s trilogy of “The Wedding Veil” movies was a big hit. Not only did the movies trend on social media every time they premiered, but they brought in a large number of viewers, with the first movie even breaking viewing records. Now Hallmark fans have come up with a compelling way that the network could keep the trilogy going in 2023 and they think Hallmark left the door open to the possibility. Crown Media has not made any statements about continuing the trilogy at this time.

This article has minor spoilers about “The Wedding Veil” trilogy. 

Some Viewers Think Hallmark Left a Potential Opening for New Movies in the Trilogy

Some fans think that the movies themselves left an opening specifically for future installments.

In a Reddit thread, one fan (u/Canadasaver) pointed out that Paolo’s family had originally made the veil, as was discovered in “The Wedding Veil Unveiled.” They noted that Paolo had mentioned he had three sisters who lived very fascinating lives, so it might be interesting to see a new trilogy based on his sisters finding love.

Another person, u/allie131, liked the theory and pointed out: “They said if the legend is true they will be having 3 more weddings which would indicate the sisters are single and that hallmark was leaving the door open to more movies in the series.” 

This led to fans considering who might be cast in the roles of the three sisters. Some suggestions included Bethany Joy Lenz, Erin Krakow, Nikki DeLoach, and more.

Redditor u/Canadasaver wrote, “When the veil was handed back the grandmother said it was for herself and her daughter and the women in the family. Three single sisters, with a connection to Alison Sweeney, fits the bill for a February 2023 full of weddings. One of the sisters was in Italy. Perhaps one of the movies will return to Italy. I enjoy a movie that shows a beautiful location.”

Another Fan Would Love to See the Next Trilogy Featuring 3 Men

In the same Reddit thread, another fan pointed out how fun it would be if another trilogy was made and it featured three men this time.

Redditor u/bcocfbhp wrote, “I wish they would do a Male version and Use Tyler, Paul and Andrew for it.” 

They were referring to Tyler Hynes, Paul Campbell, and Andrew Walker.

Lacey Chabert Just Signed a Deal with Hallmark

Lacey Chabert just signed a two-year exclusive deal with Hallmark that includes starring in and executive-producing movies. Since she executive produced “The Wedding Veil” trilogy, fans are hoping she might use her new contract to push for a second trilogy based on the same veil.

Heavy previously reported that Chabert’s first “The Wedding Veil” movie outperformed all the Hallmark movies of 2021, including the Christmas movies, in terms of live viewers.  According to ShowBuzzDaily’s numbers, “The Wedding Veil” received 3.394 million live viewers, and hit .29 in the 18-49 demographic (and .39 specifically for women in the 18-49 demographic.) These live numbers are higher than the top 10 Hallmark movies of 2021.

According to a Crown Media press release sent to Heavy, Chabert’s first “Wedding Veil” movie was also the second-most-watched non-holiday movie among households with women ages 18+. The second movie was the most-watched cable TV program in the week of its release among women ages 18+. With such great stats, it’s certainly possible that Hallmark might consider continuing the legacy. However, neither Chabert nor Crown Media have said anything about considering continuing the trilogy with new movies.

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