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How Chef Rachel Hargrove Really Feels About Eddie Lucas

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Eddie Lucas and Rachel Hargrove in their Below Deck season 9 cast photos.

Chef Rachel Hargrove and first officer Eddie Lucas had some tension between them heading into “Below Deck” season 9. During the 8th season of the show, fans saw Lucas make some comments in his confessional about how embarrassed he was by Hargrove’s behavior during crew nights out and Hargrove said she only found out when the show came out.

At the beginning of the 9th season, however, the two spoke about it and it looked like they put it all behind them and moved forward. Things appeared so well between them that several fans commented on the new dynamic between the chef and the first officer, with one saying, “They seemed to really have a good relationship this season, compared to last. But there does seem to be this ease to it all for them. They seem very comfortable in each other’s company.”

It seems as though the two aren’t actually friends, though, and Hargrove recently revealed how she truly feels about Lucas in a podcast interview. She also said she only made up with Lucas because of Captain Lee Rosbach.

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Hargrove Said She Only Made Up With Lucas Because of the Captain & Revealed They Won’t Be Friends Anytime Soon

Hargrove appeared on the “Escape to Reality” podcast, where the hosts said they loved Hargrove and Lucas’ interactions as friends. Hargrove had a long, telling pause before she joked, “Wondering exactly how politically correct am I going to respond to this?” She then said:

I think that certain people are cut out for leadership roles and have integrity. I mean, have the ability to — you know, address situations properly and say, ‘Hey man, I f***** up, and I’m sorry. And what can I do to earn your trust back and make sure that you don’t think I’m a slimy, backstabbing POS?’ And I’ll be like, ‘Sweet! Let’s move forward there, kitten!’

The fan-favorite chef then revealed that she only accepted Lucas’ apology because of their captain, Lee Rosbach. Hargrove said she didn’t want to cause more stress for him. “I got a lot of s*** riding on this and I can’t lose the respect of Heather [Chase]. I can’t lose the respect of Fraser [Olender] and I can’t lose the respect of Captain Lee first and foremost,” she said.

Hargrove explained that Rosbach told her a couple of times that no matter what was happening on the boat, he felt confident about her and told her “the last thing I ever have to worry about is your department.” She told the podcast hosts that, “if I can take myself out of the equation [to reduce] stress for my Boat Pop Pop, I would do it.” She said she loves him and respects him as a captain and as a person. The season 9 reunion is set to air on Bravo on Monday night, so it’s possible the topic is brought up again there.

Hargrove Said the Season Was Actually a Lot More Fun Than the Drama That Was Shown On-Screen

Despite that, Hargrove told the podcast that the season was much more lighthearted and fun than it often seemed on the show. “We actually did have fun,” she told the hosts. “We had games. There was a lot of stuff going on. And it was a lot of things were going on.” Even though the show highlighted tensions between the crew, she said “There was also a lot of camaraderie that went on too.”

Those comments echo what she told E! News before the season began airing. The chef said she “loved every single cast member. I loved them. They were hilarious! Every crew member was funny, and they had their own personalities, and they were just them, quintessentially, unadulterated amazing.”

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