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HGTV Star Jonathan Scott Reveals That He Was ‘Scammed’


HGTV stars Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott pose together in 2020.

Twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, of “Property Brothers” fame, are two of the most popular HGTV personalities. Before being famed home renovators, the Scott brothers had other career paths in mind. During a June 2021 interview with author Cathy Heller, Drew shared that he initially had a desire to become an actor. Jonathan, on the other hand, was focused on being a magician. 

Jonathan Scott Revealed He Was ‘Scammed’ Before Being Famous

While speaking to Heller, the Scott brothers discussed the topic of failure. Drew explained that he had “always been passionate about acting and directing.” He noted that while pursuing acting, he had “to learn to take rejection,” which ended up being beneficial. 

“I think that’s the thing there for me, it was really important to assess why I wasn’t booking the roles that I wanted, to be honest with myself,” said Drew. “And at first, I wasn’t. I was thinking this is ridiculous, I nailed that in the room why didn’t I get it, but then understanding that different people have different perspectives of things that they are looking for, so you’re never going to please everybody. And once I became more comfortable with self-analysis, I think it did help me with what I was moving towards.” 

Jonathan then shared that he “wanted to be the next David Copperfield when [he] was younger.” He stated that he “had studied magic,” but “put [his] trust in the wrong people.” The HGTV star noted this was one of the reasons his plan to become a professional magician was detoured. 

“I got scammed when I was in my teens, you know, fresh out of school. I guess maybe I was 19 … I ended up getting scammed by this guy who stole everything I had. He stole all my props, he stole all my lights, everything,” revealed Jonathan. “And that was a sobering moment where I had to get a real job and actually make an income. So I thought that was sort of the end of my dream. I still perform for fun every now and then and do charitable things but it’s, you know, we went on this new life course that steered us into the direction of ‘Property Brothers’ and real estate and we managed to blend our passions for construction and design and television.” 

Jonathan Scott Discussed Being ‘a Professional Magician’ in a Separate Interview

During an August 2021 interview on The Carlos Watson Show, alongside Drew, Jonathan Scott also mentioned that he “performed for years as a professional magician,” while his brother focused on acting. He shared that they “didn’t want to be struggling artists” and decided to “invest in real estate.”

“We bought every book, every infomercial on how to make millions with no money down. You know, we didn’t have any cash lying around we actually managed to take over a mortgage of a fella, who couldn’t make the payments on his house. So we really bought a house for 250 bucks, fixed it up, and sold it a year later for 50 grand profit,” said the ‘Celebrity IOU’ star. 

Jonathan went on to say after that endeavor, his brother became “a real estate agent,” and he “went to school for construction and design.”  

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