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Frank Catania Calls Dolores Catania’s New Boyfriend an ‘Alpha’


Frank Catania weighs in on Dolores Catania’s new relationship.

Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Dolores Catania is in a new relationship, and her ex-husband has weighed in on the new guy in her life. Frank Catania sat down for a chat with Melissa Pfeister on the “Side Piece” podcast, and opened up about how things are between him and Dolores — and their respective love lives.

For the past few years, Dolores was dating David Principe, but their relationship wasn’t really going anywhere, which was a concern that was highlighted on RHONJ.

“Dolores and David broke up this past summer. There was no bad blood between them,” a source told Us Weekly back in December. “She gave her all but didn’t get the same from David. He was non-existent in her social life and rarely made appearances at events with her. They just had different lives and weren’t able to make it work. She wasn’t happy in the inside and for a while she hid her true feelings from friends,” the source added.

Just before the Christmas holiday, Dolores went public with her new boyfriend, Paul Connell. She shared a few photos on her Instagram Story, and is said to be “very happy,” Dolores’ good friend Tom Murro told Page Six.

Given the face that Dolores and Frank are still so close, fans might be wondering how he’s feeling about Dolores’ new guy — and now, we know.

Here’s what you need to know:

Frank Thinks Paul Is a ‘Nice Guy’ but Wonders if He Will Be Able to ‘Deal With’ Frank & Dolores’ Relationship

Frank has already met Paul, but he said that he hasn’t really spent enough time getting to know him just yet.

“I haven’t hung out with Paul enough to make a decision, but I gotta be honest with you, Melissa, Dolores seems happy. He’s a nice guy. He’s very well to do. He’s a nice guy — makes her happy… Listen, Paul’s an alpha guy, Paul’s a strong guy, okay? I just hope he can deal with Dolores and I’s relationship,” Frank said on the January 5, 2021, episode of the “Side Piece” podcast.

“I hope to spend more time with him, with Dolores, because that’s usually what breaks the ice. The more time you spend with Dolores and I when we’re together, you see the relationship,” Frank said.

He went on to say that Dolores is almost like a sister to him, and that they have a lot of love for each other, but nothing more. Frank believes that their strong friendship is evident when they are together, and that people can easily see that there really isn’t a thread of any kind there — which is something that he hopes Paul will understand.

Frank Has Been Dating Someone for Years & She Might Be on RHONJ in the Future

During Frank’s appearance on “Side Piece,” he also opened up a bit about a relationship that he’s in. Yes, Frank Sr. does have a girlfriend.

“I’ve had a girlfriend off and on for some time… she’s never been on [the show]. And we took a little hiatus, we took a break, and we’re back together. And who knows? Maybe this year, the next season we film, she may make an appearance, alright?” Frank said. He went on to explain that his girlfriend doesn’t have “thick skin” and she’s worried that people will blame her for Frank not getting back together with Dolores.

“Believe me… the limelight is definitely not primary to her,” Frank said.

For the record, Frank made it clear that his girlfriend “gets along great” with his ex-wife.

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