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Former ‘Voice’ Coach Polarizes Fans With ‘Disturbing’ Costume Choice


Former Voice coach, Christina Aguilera, has never been one for subtlety.  Many fans love her outrageous outfits and unashamed behaviors.  Others, however, think she may have gone too far when she wore a strap-on dildo with rhinestones and testicles at her LA Pride performance on June 11, 2022.

WATCH: (Warning This Video May Be Offensive to Some Viewers)

Christina Aguilera & Kim Petras – XXX (LA Pride 2022)2022-06-12T07:59:34Z

The concert was an all-ages performance, meaning there were children in attendance, according to ABC4 News.  This led one Reddit poster to plead, “Won’t sOmEoNe pLeAsE think of the children!” A user facetiously responded, “they already are. in the not so appropriate way probably but they think about them,” and another echoed, “They ARE thinking of the children. That’s the problem.” “That’s disturbing” was all another user wrote.

According to Page Six, “Aguilera, 41, and her green bejeweled penis-testicles combination — which perfectly matched her ‘Hulk’-looking breastplate — took the stage by storm for a duet with LGBTQIA+ icon Kim Petras.”  This was only one of eight distinctive costumes the 41-year-old donned at the “LA Pride in the Park” concert. But it was definitely the one that caused the most controversy.

The public’s viewpoints about the appropriateness of Aguilera’s choice, and the message the “Dirrty” singer was trying to send, vary considerably. One Aguilera defender posted on Reddit, “a simple google search will show you this was in the name of pride. Come on.”  Another wrote, “Yes, it’s inappropriate but it has nothing to do with being homosexual or the LGBTQ+”


“We Are Beautiful, No Matter What They Say,” Posts Aguilera

YouTube users were just as mixed in their opinions.  One upset fan wrote, “Shock factor, she is blessed with a voice of legends and this.. she didn’t need to do this, her voice could have sustained her for the rest of her life.” Another lamented, “The morals of society are gone. It is disguisting she did that.”

Some YouTube users felt completely differently. One posted, “It is FUN. Love her creativity and experiment. We don’t need to play safe :)” Someone else expressed, “The duality of being an empower woman while usurping male anatomy for shock and power. Classic.”

Another asked, “Are parents expecting Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse come up and tell a fairy tales in her concert?”  This is a valid question considering that Aguilera is well known for being raunchy and shocking on a multitude of levels.

As Popsugar points out, “Who doesn’t remember her ‘Genie in a Bottle’ years? Or the black and yellow bikini top she wore with matching chaps and bottoms with the word ‘Dirrty’ on them in honor of her hit song?”  Aguilera has never claimed to be child-friendly. And she has never been shy about the fact that she is a strong LGBTQ+ supporter.

According to Gay Times, “Throughout her expansive career, the talented singer-songwriter has been hailed as an LGBTQ+ ally and icon.” The outlet further reports that some of Aguilera’s “heartfelt” closing words at the pride concert were: “I love these shows more than anything because you know what? We represent freedom – freedom of expression, owning who you are, fearlessness and also fantasy.”

If that was the message that Aguilera was trying to portray with her rhinestone studded green strap-on, clearly some people got it, and some did not.

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