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Former ‘Bachelorette’ Reveals She Doesn’t Want to Get Married


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The Bachelorette” fans were stunned and heartbroken when Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum announced in October 2020 they were calling it quits. The couple, previously dubbed “Team Cupcake,” met during Season 7 back in 2011 when she was the one looking for love. They got married in December 2012, People detailed, and they later welcomed a son, Fordham Rhys, and a daughter, Essex Reese, according to Us Weekly.

After announcing their split, Ashley and J.P. focused on their kids as they navigated their divorce. However, Ashley has now moved on with someone new. Apparently, “Bachelor Nation” fans are curious to know whether she would get married again or have more kids. In a series of now-expired Instagram Stories from April 28, she answered both of those frequently asked questions.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ashley Seems Solid on Her Vision Regarding Marriage and More Kids

The former star of “The Bachelorette” recently went public with her romance with food blogger Yanni Georgoulakis. While the romance may be fairly new to franchise fans, it’s not a new relationship for them. Ashley and her boyfriend have actually been dating for about a year after a friend of hers set them up with one another. He’s met her kids, and the relationship seems to be fairly serious.

Fans probably should not start watching for big life changes for Ashley and Georgoulakis though. When asked about both the idea of getting married again and the possibility of having additional children, Ashley made it clear neither idea appeals to her.

“I value a well-balanced life and right now my life is so perfectly balanced between my kids and my business and my family and my friends and the time I take for myself to support my mental health, so the answer is no,” Ashley said regarding having another child. She noted she splits custody equally with her ex-husband, and she certainly dotes on Ford and Essie when they’re with her. She noted her beau does not have any children.

The Mother of Two Doesn’t Envision Getting Married Again Either

Ashley was also asked whether she would be open to getting married again. She has been dating Georgoulakis for a while, and they seem head-over-heels for one another. Despite that, Ashley isn’t making any wedding plans now, or potentially ever again.

“So many questions about marriage and babies and all sorts of stuff. Isn’t that funny that that’s what we think of when we think about love? Ashley questioned. “Why can’t we just love, like why does there always have to be something after it? Can I just love who I love and I don’t want to get married! Just let me live!” Ashley was playfully intense as she wrapped up her thoughts on that front, which suggested this was a question she’s faced several times already.

Ashley appears to be quite content with her life the way it is right now, and she seems to be smoothly co-parenting Ford and Essie with J.P. She’s built a pediatric dentistry business in Florida and seems to have found the right balance for her life. Could her views on more kids or another marriage change at some point? “The Bachelorette” fans may wonder if that will be the case, but at least for now, Ashley seems to be a solid “no” on both fronts.

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