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Viewers share same complaint about The Adam Project’s ‘freaky’ CGI

Netflix’s latest blockbuster release, The Adam Project, has been warmly received by viewers since its release last Friday (11 March).

The film stars Ryan Reynolds as a pilot from the year 2050 who travels back in time and teams up with his younger self in an effort to prevent the invention of time travel.

While reactions to the film have been broadly positive, there has been one element of the film that has left some viewers frustrated.

The issue in question concerns the CGI de-aging technology used on some of the actors for scenes set in the past, particularly Catherine Keener, who plays the film’s villain.

Keener plays two versions of herself, with digital effects used to make the actor appear decades younger.

Filmmaker Abner Pastoll wrote on Twitter: “The de-aged/CG/deepfaked/whatever-the-hell-they-did young version of Catherine Keener in THE ADAM PROJECT is freaking uncanny valley.”

Someone else wrote: “The Adam Project is on Netflix and it’s a pretty great movie. It also has one of the worst de-aging CG effects I’ve seen.”

“It’s horrible and super freaky,” wrote film critic Keith Garlington. “Couldn’t help but laugh at it.”

Ryan Reynolds in ‘The Adam Project’


Another fan of the film wrote: “It’s the worst thing in the movie for me.”

The Adam Project is available to stream now on Netflix.

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