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Salma Hayek Reveals She Wore A Men’s Suit As ‘No One Else Gave Me Anything To Wear’ – News18

Published By: Chirag Sehgal

Last Updated: August 22, 2023, 10:27 IST

Instead of slipping into a glitzy dress, Salma wore a men’s suit to the 1996 Birdcage premiere. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Salma Hayek reflected on her decades-long career in an interview with W Magazine and revealed how no designer wanted to dress her up when she was not a big star.

Salma Hayek is an iconic figure whose talent and versatility have had a significant impact on the entertainment world. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, the actress appeared in a number of films that showcased her exceptional acting abilities. She recently revealed that in the early days of her career, she struggled to find anyone who wanted to design an outfit for her. Salma Hayek reflected on her decades-long career in an interview with W Magazine, and while she wows on the red carpet in sparkling gowns these days, her first premiere was far less glamorous.

Salma Hayek revealed why she wore a men’s suit during the 1996 Birdcage premiere. She said, “I didn’t have any connections. The only connection I had was to somebody I knew at Hugo Boss, so I wore a man’s suit because no one else gave me anything to wear.”

Hayek previously discussed how she struggled with fashion when she first arrived in Hollywood in an Interview with Vogue India in 2021. She said, “I’m Mexican. I’m also very short, which doesn’t help with the weight and doesn’t help with the design.” She added, “But you know, I was ingenious. I took chances.” She mentioned that she met someone working at Hugo Boss and therefore decided to wear men’s suits for a while. In the same interview, she shared that at one instance, “I had on a very simple black dress, and I knew all the other girls were going to have fabulous dresses, beautiful jewellery. And can I tell you something? Instead of giving me a complex and saying that I don’t have the best dress or they don’t know who I am…I was like, I am fabulous. I painted some butterfly tattoos on myself, and I felt happy about myself.”

Furthermore, in her recent interview with W Magazine, Salma Kayek also opened up about the projects she did in her early days. She shared, “I started my career in telenovelas a long time ago. I only did two. But I was very lucky because they were very successful. The telenovela that kind of made me a star was unusual because my character was the good girl and the bad girl.” Salma Hayek also expressed how she was drawn to all of the male characters in films when she had just entered the industry. Salma added that she was not smitten by the actors but wanted to play those roles.

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