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Rahul Roy B’day Special: Aashiqui Actor Was Offered 60 Films. Here’s What Happened Next

Actor Rahul Roy gained overnight fame after he headlined Mahesh Bhatt’s 1990 Aashiqui. Following the success of the film, he became a national crush. People adored his role in the film and he became a household name. Despite appearing in several big movies, he never managed to recreate the same charm of Aashiqui.

Rahul has 25 flop films to his name, a record nobody would be proud of. However, one is bound to be shocked after knowing the net worth of Rahul Roy. He is celebrating his birthday today.

How Aashiqui was offered to Rahul:

Mahesh Bhatt played a big role in shaping the career of Rahul Roy. The story of Rahul landing the Aashiqui role is equally fascinating. In a media interview, Rahul revealed that his mother, Indira Roy, used to write articles. After reading Indira’s piece, famous producer-director Mahesh Bhatt was so pleased that he visited her. During the interview, he saw the photographs of Rahul. And then rest his history.

Aashiqui was houseful for 6 months:

Anu Agarwal also debuted in Aashiqui. The innocent and adorable pair of Rahul and Anu was so beautifully picturized by Mahesh Bhatt that they became widely popular after their first film. Every song in this film was shot wonderfully and their lyrics felt like a breath of fresh air. For six months, this film was completely sold out.

Rahul got the offer of 60 films:

Considering Rahul Roy’s debut film was a smash hit, there should have been a line of films for him but it did not happen. Though there were discussions of Rahul everywhere, he was not offered a film for 8 months. But luck favoured him soon and he got offers of 60 films. Rahul signed 47 films among the 60 films he was offered. Rahul had revealed that he did so many films together because he was afraid he might not get offers again.

25 films of Rahul Roy were flop:

At least 25 films starring Rahul Roy tanked and he got the tag of a flop actor. Although some films, such as Sapne Saajan Ke, Gumrah, and Mahesh Bhatt’s Junoon, performed well.

In Mahesh Bhatt’s Junoon, Rahul played a negative role. Rahul’s acting was liked but the film did not help further his career graph.

Rahul Roy owns assets worth 37 crores:

According to media reports, Rahul, who has given so many flop films, has no dearth of money. The actor’s net worth is estimated to be Rs. 37 crores. Rahul was married to Rajalakshmi M Roy in 2000, but after living together for about 14 years, the two got separated.

Rahul Roy is the winner of Bigg Boss season 1

Rahul Roy won Bigg Boss season 1. Although Rahul has not completely moved away from acting, he has failed to recreate the Aashiqui-like magic.

Rahul’s appearance has also changed a lot over the years. He has also suffered a brain stroke.

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