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Mark Kermode fans desperate to see ‘stupidest movie ever’ after ‘amazing’ rant

Film fans are rushing to see an “awful” new film after Mark Kermode called it “the stupidest” he’s ever seen.

The film critic teased his fans on Thursday (3 February) that he was “astonished and a little bit impressed” by how bad it was.

This led many to wonder what film he could be talking about – it turns out it was Moonfall, the latest thriller from Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and 2012 director Roland Emmerich.

“Having been a film critic for over thirty years, I’m astonished – and a little bit impressed? – to say that I have just paid good money to watch the stupidest movie I have ever seen,” he wrote. “And remember, I’ve seen Sharknado.”

His full review of Moonfall arrived on Friday (4 February), broadcast as part of his BBC Radio 5 live show with Simon Mayo.

As his fans were expecting, it prompted a huge rant that one called “one of the best I’ve seen in a while”.

In is review, he called the film “radioactively dumb”, adding: “My brain turned to sewage and was trickling out of my ear.”

After the video of the review was added to the show’s official YouTube page, one fan added: “This has to be the most fun I’ve had watching one of Kermode’s reviews.”

However, instead of his extremely negative review steering people away from the film, it’s had the opposite effect and they are now more convinced to actually see it.

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“Unfortunately, I now have to see it,” one listener said in response to Kermode’s review.

Mark Kermode’s rant about ‘Moonfall’ has convinced fans they want to watch it


Another added: “I am strangely more hyped to now go see it in all it’s awful?”

“This has made me want to see this film even more,” another listener added, with a further comment reading: “I don’t think I have ever wanted to see a bad movie more.”

Read our verdict on the “profoundly ridiculous” Moonfall, which is in cinemas now, here.

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