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In Sarcastic Facebook Post, Marathi Actor Kiran Mane Rubbishes ‘Misconduct’ Allegations

The removal of actor Kiran Mane from the Marathi series Mulgi Zali Ho sparked off a major controversy and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. It was first reported that the actor was shown the door from the series due to his political posts. Later, some of the female actors and directors of this series came forward to level allegations of misconduct against him. Now, the actor has shared a Facebook post rubbishing all the allegations against him. The tone of his post is sarcastic.

In this post, Kiran has targeted people making allegations of misconduct against him. Through his post, he has emphasised that people making malicious allegations against him are filled with a lot of hate. Let us have a look at some of the excerpts from Kiran’s Facebook post.

Kiran takes an example of a boy Pradyuman who has been taken to a psychiatrist as he is constantly hurling all kinds of negative things about Kiran Mane. The boy’s mother is crying. The psychiatrist asks his parents what happened. The father replies that when allegations of misconduct were levelled against Kiran Mane, Pradyuman and his friends started celebrating. The children felt happy that finally, they would bring Kiran Mane on road.

His father told the psychiatrist further that the children then started watching the allegations levelled by three women against Kiran Mane. Women present on TV started speaking that Kiran considers himself to be a hero. At this moment, Pradyuman wondered what this kind of statement had to do with the allegations imposed on Kiran Mane.

Pradyuman and his friends felt exhausted after some time as they found the allegations by female actors quite childish. Their assumptions that the allegations are deliberate to malign Kiran Mane were confirmed when another heroine present spoke about how Kiran has abused her.

A realisation dawned upon Pradyuman and his friends that if Kiran had done this, why did the actor choose to stay silent? Why did the lead actors standing beside this female artist didn’t take the stand? These questions started irritating the children. The psychiatrist then said that hating someone is the cause of all kinds of tensions. Kiran Mane concluded his post with Pradyuman crying and realising that his viewpoint of Kiran Mane was wrong all the time.

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