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Fan of KGF Star Yash Requests College Principal for Leave to Celebrate Kannada Actor’s Birthday

Fans celebrating their favorite star’s birthday is very common. But in this case, a fan went a step further and requested leave to celebrate his favorite actor’s birthday online. The actor is Yash of KGF fame and the fan is a college student from Bellary, Karnataka.

K Shivakumar, is a BCom student stu​dying in 3rd semester. He is a diehard fan of Rocking Star Yash and never fails to celebrate the actor’s birthday in whichever way possible. This year, because of curbs due to Covid, he decided to take part in online celebration that fans across the state have planned on January 8.

Since colleges have taken up student attendance seriously, he couldn’t skip classes without a valid reason. Instead of making up any random story, he decided to tell the truth and penned a leave letter to the Principal of the college.

The letter written in Kannada says:

Subject: Requesting leave to celebrate Yash Boss’ Birthday

On account of Yash bro’s birthday, all fans are taking part in online celebration by creating a trend on twitter. I have decided to take part in the trend and wish Yash bro. Hence I request you to grant me leave on 7th of January. Not just me, please give leave to my friends as well, so that they can also wish. The trend is planned from 7pm on 7th to 7pm on 8th. So please grant me leave and you can also wish.

Thanking You

Yours sincerely,

Yash fan Shivu

The letter written by the student to the college principal.

This letter has now gone viral. Speaking of this to News18, Shivakumar, the young fan, said, “My friends made fun of me when I said that I will apply for leave to take part in birthday celebration of Yash Boss. I however wrote the letter and it has now gone big. I am happy that more people are getting to know about this trending celebration and everyone can be a part of it.”

He didn’t forget to request us to wish the actor on twitter as well. But whether his leave is approved or not by the principal is yet unclear.

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