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Explained: Why American Comedian Rosie O’Donnell Is Publicly Apologising to Priyanka Chopra

Meeting celebrities in real life is not always a pleasant experience and American comedian and actress Rosie O’Donnell can testify to that. The 59-year-old comedian recently ran into actress and producer Priyanka Chopra Jonas who was having a meal with her husband and singer Nick Jonas in Malibu. However, Rosie misidentified Priyanka as the daughter of spiritual guide and author Deepak Chopra, landing herself in an awkward situation.

Rosie narrated the incident in great detail in a recent TikTok video which she also shared on Instagram Reels. The comedian said that she was at a restaurant in Malibu, having a meal with her son and his girlfriend when she recognised Nick and Priyanka sitting there as well. “Seated next to us was Nick Jonas and his wife, someone Chopra … Which I always assumed was Deepak Chopra’s daughter,” said Rosie. The comedian then added that she walked up to the celebrity couple, “I said, ‘Hi Nick Jonas, you were great in Kingdom, and, ‘Hi (Priyanka) I know your dad.’” Responding to this, Rosie described Priyanka’s reaction, “She goes, ‘You do? Who’s my dad?’ And I go, ‘Deepak.’” Reacting to this, Priyanka told Rosie that Deepak is not her father.

According to Rosie’s account, Priyanka also informed the comedian that since Chopra is quite a common name she might have been mistaken. “I felt so embarrassed. Didn’t you think Nick Jonas was married to Deepak Chopra’s daughter? Am I the only one who thought that,” Rosie said in the video.

For those who are still confused, Priyanka’s father was Ashok Chopra who passed away in 2013. Ashok was a doctor in the Indian Army just like his wife, Madhu Chopra.

In the video, Rosie did not take Priyanka’s name. However, soon after the video was seen by a significant number of users, the comedian posted another video where she identified Priyanka and added that the actress was not rude to her. Rosie said that Priyanka was not rude, but it was just an awkward situation for her. The comedian also added that Priyanka must have encountered such a situation quite often which made it more annoying.

Netizens have also shared their reaction to the incident. As one user commented, “No you’re not the only one!! I stand corrected too. Totally embarrassed.”

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