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Farrah Abraham Vows to Get Perfect Score on LSAT


Farrah Abraham is promising to score a perfect score on the LSAT.

Farrah Abraham is promising to receive a perfect score on this year’s LSAT. In a video obtained by Reddit users, Abraham told her followers, “You guys… wish me luck on the LSAT.”

She continued, “I’ve had no free weekends, no free anything. So LSATs, here we go!” She concluded, “I’m going to be a lawyer. I’m going to get a 180. Let’s f***ing do this.”

Abraham promised her fans she’s going to be the “best Farrah I’ve ever been.”

The video has since been deleted but was grabbed by Reddit users and can be viewed here.

Here’s what you need to know.

Fans Troll Farrah Abraham on Reddit

After Abraham vowed to get a perfect score, her social media followers flocked to Reddit to poke fun at the promise.

One user wrote, “She wishes.”

Another commented, “You know when she fails it she’s just gonna lie and say she passed with flying colors. Did she actually attend any sort of program offering education in law prior to declaring she was taking the LSAT? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the sheer amount of delusion this girl lives in is terrifying to me. She’s the scariest of all the TM franchise in my opinion (and that’s saying a lot).”

A third added, “Considering this girl can’t write a coherent sentence, she doesn’t have a hope in hell.”

Abraham has made headlines on a number of occasions over the past few months for her decision to pursue a law degree.

The reality star started taking summer online courses at Harvard University in June 2021. A rep confirmed her status as a student to The Sun, writing, “We can confirm that Farrah is registered as of right now in online Summer courses.”

Then, in August 2021, Abraham alleged that she was the victim of “educational abuse” and would be suing the university. In an interview with TMZ, the former reality star stated that Harvard’s program is a “joke” and “scam” and that she was discriminated against, being the “most person of color” in the program.

Farrah Left a 1-Star Yelp Review for Harvard

After alleging that she was discriminated against, Abraham went to Yelp to write a one-star review for the university’s online program. She also uploaded a screenshot of an email from a professor, a portion of which read: “I urge you to drop this course now, while it’s still easy to make a change in your schedule… Again my strong advice is that you drop this course and take a lower level writing course instead; doing so will put you in a better position to be successful in Expo E/S-42a at a later date.”

In her interview with TMZ, Abraham said of the review, “I sadly had to write a review on Niche, on Yelp on Google Maps ’cause no one was getting back to me. I think if you want to silence someone’s voice and not actually respond to someone reaching out for help to remedy the problem — like a normal civilized citizen would do — I see that I’m not working with good people and Harvard is a very abusive school.”

In the same interview, she concluded, “If I can go to a program and I can teach the program, if I am more tech-savvy than their teachers, if I know what I’m doing way better than their whole system is, I think their academic standards are out of date… They’re old. They’re archaic and they need to update their system.”

In late August, as reported by Fox News, Abraham set fire to her Harvard sweatshirt.

She even posted the event on Instagram— the video shows her taking a blow torch to a white Harvard sweatshirt.

She wrote on the post, “Thank you therapists for the tools over the years to overcome abuse @harvard shirt is going to raise money for mental health. Educational abuse , financial abuse is not what I choose nor allow, #consent culture #1. As a teacher I will never block anyone out of zoom nor lie and bully a student and fraud them out of money like Harvard and many others so I read now on this epidemic #discrimination is illegal.”

On August 30, 2021, Page Six reported that Abraham earned zero credits from her Harvard courses. The outlet noted that in an Instagram story, Abraham uploaded a photo of her transcript, but the transcript showed that she had earned zero credits for each of her summer courses.

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