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Fans Think Scheana Shay’s Sister Looks Exactly Like Her

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Scheana Shay’s sister looks exactly like her.

Scheana Shay’s sister, Cortney, is making waves on social media after fans did a bit of a deep dive on her. Scheana mentioned her sister on Instagram, causing some people to look her up.

Although Cortney has been mentioned before — and has even appeared on “Vanderpump Rules” in the past — a lot of fans are seeing a resemblance between the two sisters now more than ever before.

Cortney is a few years younger than Scheana, and while the two have spent plenty of time together, they don’t seem to see each other as frequently now that Scheana has a fiance — and is a mom.

In 2018, The Blast reported that Scheana took Cortney out to celebrate her 21st birthday in Las Vegas. The outlet described Cortney as “a rising social media star with a YouTube channel that showcases her travel vlogs and lifestyle videos.” The following year, the girls hit up Wango Tango.

“It takes two to wango tango,” Scheana captioned a photo from the event. The sisters looked nothing alike at that time — but things have certainly changed in the years since.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Wonder if Cortney Had Work Done to Her Face

Scheana and Cortney don’t often pop up on each other’s social media accounts, and Cortney is often not directly associated with Scheana — unless the reality star mentions her or shares a pic of her. In a recent post, Scheana mentioned Cortney — and that was enough to get the internet talking.

“I just saw Scheana post about her sister, and where have I been? She looks a lot like her,” one Reddit user wrote, kicking off a new thread. The thread quickly filled up with comments about how much Scheana and her sister Cortney look alike.

“Wow, I never thought they looked anything alike until she got her lips done,” one person commented.

“[It’s] the plastic surgery that makes them look similar [because] I never saw a resemblance until now and it’s clear she has had some work done,” another comment read.

“And they have different fathers, I think it’s all about the surgery,” a third Redditor added.

“Woah she looks different with the lips,” a fourth person wrote.

Fans Think Cortney Looks More Like Scheana in 2022

Several people have seen Cortney in the past, and didn’t think that she looked very much like Scheana at all. However, fans think that something has changed, and many commented that Cortney looks like a blond version of the VPR star.

Since Cortney is 13 years younger than Scheana, the two girls have aged at different times. It seems that Cortney’s style is changing as she reaches her mid-20s, and some fans think that she’s the spitting image of Scheana now.

“I never thought they looked at anything like… Now she looks like a blond version of [Scheana],” one comment read.

“Oh wow, they really do look a lot alike,” added another.

“Omg they are twins,” a third person wrote.

“They look exactly the same,” a fourth comment read.

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