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Fans Slammed Carole Radziwill After Video in CVS Leaked


Carole Radziwill in 2018.

Fans are not happy with former “Real Housewives of New York” star, Carole Radziwill after a video of her doing a Cameo in CVS was leaked online.

A fan on Reddit shared a video that appears to have come from Carole’s Cameo account, where she gives a pep talk to someone who is recovering from a stroke. The only thing is, Carole is inside of a CVS and the fans don’t think the location is an appropriate location for the paid service.

The audio is so low it’s unclear what Carole is saying in many parts of the video and the store’s music is playing over it as well.

“I would except a full refund after this,” a fan wrote in the Reddit thread. “Recording yourself on the floor of the CVS vitamin aisle, because that’s what cool girls do,” another fan wrote.

Another fan agreed with asking for a refund writing, “If I received this, I would expect a refund. You can barely hear Carole.”

“Is she serious with this?” a fan wrote. “Carole really thinks she’s above it all and she’s not. Let me just record this trash cameo in a CVS real quick, no effort because I’m too cool to try. Girl you’re still trying to make a quick buck off of Housewives fame that you’re always quick to downplay. Go home, turn on a ring light, and give these people their money’s worth like a professional. I would want my money back.”

“If I don’t receive my Carole cameo filmed in a CVS and barely audible I’m going to riot,” someone wrote.

Many fans were also bothered by her attire, a fur coat.

“I’d be sooo bummed out! Shame on her loser with the weird 50% off and fur coat,” someone wrote. “Seriously, wth is this? Also that looks like real fur.”

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Carole’s Cameo’s Start at $75 & Go up to $625 Depending on How You Want to Use It

According to Carole’s Cameo profile, you can get a basic personal use Cameo for $75 but if you want to use the Cameo for business purposes you’ll have to drop $625.

Some of the fans commented on the price versus what the person got.

“How much do her cameos cost? Can’t even hear what she is saying,” someone wrote.

Fans Slammed Carole for ‘Botched’ Appearance & Looking Like a ‘Skeleton’

Fans were also quick to point out Carole’s appearance, with many accusing her of using fillers and looking like a man.

“what is wrong with her lips? I’ve always wondered. they looks so botched,” someone wrote. “She has always looked like a horse face with an overbite to me.”

“What happened to her face,” someone else asked. “With a quick glance, I thought that was Steven Tyler,” another fan wrote.

“Massive doses of botox and fillers. She really overdid it. No one her age has a face that line less,” another fan wrote. “I want to poke the filler in her face so badly!” someone commented.

Some of the fans pointed out how Carole was looking more like RHOM’s Elsa Patton, the mother of Marysol.

“She’s slowly morphing into mama Elsa,” someone wrote. “she also is looking more like a skeleton man everytime I see her,” another wrote.

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