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Fans Roast Former Real Housewives Husband for Getting Married Again


A bride and groom celebrate their wedding day.

The former husband of a “Real Housewives of Orange County” star has married again.

Jim Edmonds, who was married to Meghan King while they appeared on RHOC has tied the knot in Italy to Kortnie O’Connor.

Here’s what you need to know:

Meghan King’s Ex-Husband Jim Edmonds Re-Married in Italy

Several images from the ceremony were sent to a Bravo blogger on Instagram and shared online.

“Not a wedding guest sending us pics of Jim’s 4th wedding,” the post reads. The images can be viewed here.

The first image shows the bride and groom smiling and facing the crowd with their hands clasped. The bride has a long floral gown with several sheer cutouts on the bust, waist, and along her legs. The second image is a wide shot of the outdoor garden ceremony and a small section of chairs, of which many were empty. And the third image was of a long dining table set for at least 24, perhaps more.

The ceremony was planned for the Villa D’Este in Lake Como, Italy, according to the couple who spoke with People in April.

“As I’m sure everyone knows, this isn’t Jim’s first time around. So we just wanted to make it about enjoying everybody — all of our close friends and family. An adventure for everybody to enjoy, not another wedding in the church,” she told the outlet of the upcoming wedding. “I planned it in Italy for that reason. Jim’s never been there. I thought it might be an experience for his kids, and just to celebrate our relationship and let everybody enjoy it as well. So that was the focus, as well as Lake Como is a really beautiful destination.”

Edmonds and O’Connor announced their engagement in early August 2021 but were engaged in July according to a post on her now-private Instagram account.

“Dear Diary, A month ago, Jimmy asked me to marry him in the most intimate and personal way. I said yes! Love, Kortnie,” she captioned the post, according to People at the time of the announcement.

Edmonds, who is best known for his time as an MLB player who appeared on rosters of several teams including the Angels, Cardinals, Padres, Cubs, Brewers, and Reds.

This is the fourth marriage for Edmonds who married Lee Ann Horton first and was widowed. He then married Allison Jayne Raski and then King who he was accused of cheating on while she was pregnant.

Fans Blasted Edmonds for His ‘Child Bride’ & Marrying Again: ‘Curious to See How Long This Lasts’

Fans of the Bravo series didn’t speak kindly of Edmonds after seeing the images.

Many people felt that the bride looked like she was his daughter.

“Father-daughter first dance energy,” someone said.

“What in the child bride is happening here,” another person commented.

“I legit thought that was his daughter,” a fan wrote.

“I thought he was giving his daughter away but of course that’s his wife,” someone said with a puke emoji.

“She looks 12,” someone pointed out.

“Why does he like marrying ppl so much?” someone asked.

“Does she not see what we see because I would be running for the hills,” another fan wrote.

“Jim is not a risk worth taking,” someone pointed out.

“Curious to see how long this lasts. I think he loves the pursuit and then gets bored,” someone else said.

Some people asked if his children were in attendance and, according to the blog, many were not.

“they can catch the next one,” a fan said. One of his daughter’s skipped the wedding to attend a different one in California and someone wrote, “seems like her dads wedding would take precedence but ok lol maybe she’s tired of going to his weddings.”

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