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Fans Question Tom Schwartz’s Atlantic City Appearance After Multiple No-Shows With Wife Katie Maloney


Tom Schwartz of Vanderpump Rules.

Tom Schwartz made an appearance in Atlantic City days after a family emergency caused him to miss a “Watch What Happens Live” taping with his wife, Katie Maloney.

The 39-year-old ”Vanderpump Rules” flew to New Jersey for a December 18 paid appearance at Pool After Dark, which is located inside Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. The event featured DJ James Kennedy and TomTom for midnight gig, according to the venue’s website.

And while it looked to be all fun and games for fans of “Vanderpump Rules” and the two Toms (the other Tom being Sandoval), on social media, some people questioned Tom Schwartz’s participation in the event – or lack thereof.

Fans Reacted to Schwartz’s Club Appearance & James Kennedy’s Claim That He Was ‘Missing’ in Atlantic City

Fans had a big reaction to Schwartz’s trip to Atlantic City, especially since it was so soon after he “blew off” multiple appearances for Bravo events.  In a Reddit thread, some fans felt Schwartz didn’t want to be put in the hot seat by Andy Cohen after not defending his wife in a season-long feud with Sandoval.

“My personal opinion is that Schwartz has been blowing off any press appearances for the show (the live reunion, WWHL, etc.) because he doesn’t want to face any responsibility for his role in the fight between Katie and Sandoval,” one Redditor wrote.

Others speculated that Schwartz’s marriage to Maloney could be on the rocks. When one fan asked if the two may have broken up, another wrote, “Only in my dreams for Katie. But he filmed the reunion from home. Then they didn’t show up for their first WWHL appearance. Then he had a ‘family emergency’ when they were scheduled to go on and just Katie went on. So my mind wants to rise up for Katie and manifest this for 2021! #FreeKatie.”

Others noted that the Atlantic City gig looked like “a bender” for Schwartz. It didn’t help that James Kennedy posted an Instagram story in which he was pointing to a photo for Schwartz on an ad for the event and said, “Have you seen this man? He’s still missing. Anybody? Have you seen that man?”

Kennedy later updated with, “Found him finally.”

A second Reddit thread teased that “Schwartz went ‘missing’ in Atlantic City after a night out with Sandoval and James. He showed back up when they left for the airport to LA.”

Several followers commented to speculate that Schwartz was probably partying and “hooking up with chicks.”

“Yeah, we don’t really need Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out,” one commenter wrote. “I will never understand why Katie wants a child with a man who treats her this way — that’s the only real mystery here.”

“Omg this manchild is gonna be 40 next year and he’s still off getting ‘lost’ and going missing on nights out,” another chimed in.

Another Redditor noted that Schwartz appeared to be missing for a long stretch of time during the trip to Atlantic City.

“If you watch their stories it looks like Schwartz is last seen right before James goes on to do his set,” the Reddit user wrote. “Sandoval took a bunch of videos and selfies during the set, but only tagged James and I can’t see Schwartz anywhere around. James has IG stories, Sandoval has IG stories, absolutely no posts from Schwartz. And this was supposed to be an event featuring the three of them.”

“This morning, James is pointing to the picture of Schwartz on the promotional poster and asking if anyone has seen this man, and then Schwartz casually saunters back into the crowd (from somewhere else in the hotel?) and they celebrate finding him,” the commenter added. “Schwartz was presumably missing for the last 10 hours from an event he was supposed to be 1/3 of. This is SHADY.”

Tom Schwartz Missed Three Bravo Events With His Wife Katie Maloney

Katie Maloney Schwartz

BravoKatie Maloney-Schwartz.

Just four days before the Atlantic City appearance, Schwartz skipped a scheduled guest spot on “Watch What Happens Live.”  At the start of the show, WWHL host Andy Cohen introduced Schwartz’s wife, Katie Maloney, and guests Scheana Shay and Brock Davies. All three of the “Vanderpump Rules” stars appeared virtually from their homes in California, but Cohen announced that Schwartz couldn’t be there because he was dealing with “a family emergency” and was “with them tonight.”  Most of Schwartz’s family lives in Florida, including his triplet brothers, according to BravoTV.com

The WWHL spot was the third Bravo event that Schwartz missed in less than two weeks. When the “Vanderpump Rules” reunion taped on December 3, the cast reunited on a soundstage in Los Angeles, but Schwartz and his wife shot the reunion from their home, per Bravo insider. Maloney later explained that she got sick on the morning of the reunion.  The couple also seemingly canceled a December 7 appearance on  “Watch What Happens Live” and were replaced by Sandoval and his girlfriend, Ariana Madix, per a listing shared by My TV Tonight.

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