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Fans Compare Jesse Palmer to Chris Harrison After ‘Bachelor’ Premiere


Jesse Palmer and Chris Harrison.

Fans are weighing in on Jesse Palmer’s new stint as the host of “The Bachelor.”

Palmer, who was the star of the fifth season of the ABC dating show, was hired to fill former host Chris Harrison’s shoes after Harrison announced his exit from the franchise in June 2021. Harrison’s departure came several months after he was criticized for a controversial, race-related interview with former franchise lead, Rachel Lindsay.

Palmer, 43, is a former “Bachelor” star, so he knows his way around Makeout Mansion, but fans couldn’t help but notice how similar he was to Harrison as he kicked off the 26th season of the show.

Jesse Palmer Used Phrasing & Hand Gestures Reminiscent of Harrison

Jesse Palmer

ABCJesse Palmer.

Us Weekly noted that during his opening montage, Palmer made point to say that he is “happily married.” No big deal—he married wife Emily Fardo in 2020 – but eagle-eyed fans recalled that Harrison used the same words about his relationship status 20 years ago during his Bachelor hosting debut in 2002. At the time, he was married to his college sweetheart, Gwen.

On “The Bachelor” premiere, Palmer also dropped all of Harrison’s signature catchphrases.

“I’ve also spent many hours practicing saying things like, ‘amazing’ or ‘incredible.’ Also, ‘dramatic,” Palmer quipped. “So maybe, just maybe, I might be able to pull this off.”

The inflection in Palmer’s voice and his hand gestures also seemed like they were straight out of Harrison’s playbook, and fans couldn’t help but notice.

“How many hours of the Chris Harrison highlight reel did Jesse Palmer have to watch to get this job?” one viewer tweeted.

“They’ve definitely trained Jesse Palmer to talk in the same voice & cadence as Chris Harrison,” another added.

“HAHAHAHAHA I also dug Jesse Palmer absolutely RIPPING OFF Chris Harrison’s line delivery. Close your eyes and you hear Harrison’s cadence. Insanity,” a third chimed in.

“Jesse Palmer as the new host of #TheBachelor is kind of creeping me out. It’s like he’s a Chris Harrison clone. Be yourself man,” another viewer wrote.

Fans Think Jesse Palmer Sounds Like Chris Harrison, But Looks Like Clayton Echard

Fans Compare Jesse Palmer to Chris Harrison After ‘Bachelor’ Premiere


While Palmer sounds like Harrison, he looks more like Clayton Echard. Before the new season premiered, Palmer even joked about how similar the two look.

“Meet my younger, bigger, better looking brother from another mother, @claytonechard,” he captioned an Instagram photo of him posing with Echard in October 2021.

Fast forward to “The Bachelor” premiere and Palmer and Echard look like twins as they wore matching dark jackets, white shirts, and dark ties as they met up for the opening night limo meet and greet.

“Jesse Palmer is literally what happens when Chris Harrison and Clayton spawn a child #TheBachelor,” one fan tweeted.

“Wait what if one of the girls accidentally hits on Jesse Palmer instead of Clayton bc they’re identical,” another cracked.

“I’m glad they finally showed Clayton and Jesse Palmer in the same shot to confirm they were two different people,” another wrote, before joking that maybe ABC was trying to save money by having Palmer as both host and “The Bachelor” this season.

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