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Fans Bash Gia Giudice as ‘Scary’ for Make-Over


Gia Giudice.

Fans were shocked to see “Real Housewives of New Jersey” daughter Gia Giudice made up by a make-up artist.

A glammed-up photo of Gia, the daughter of Teresa Giudice, made its rounds online after fans criticized the look as too overdone and filtered.

Here’s what you need to know:

‘Scary’ Fans Blasted Gia Giudice & Her Make-up Artist for Overdone Make-up ‘Her Face Literally Looks Painted On’

The photo was posted by make-up artist, anjali_artistry, on April 25, 2022, and was quickly meme’d and shared on a Reddit thread titled, “I think Gia is so naturally pretty, but she’s gone down the housewife route & filters herself to the heavens. Nothing wrong with a lil filter but this is NOT Gia Guidice

Several Reddit members agreed and blasted her for the photo, despite it being posted by the artist, and not Gia herself. 

“This is not Gia, this is an AI generated version of gia that looks like it’s in a video game,” a fan wrote.

“How sweet, her & Teresa use the same facetune app,” someone else wrote.

“She now looks like a 50 year old pretending to be in their 20s. Not an actual 20 year old,” a fan said.

“Why does she look like Gina L from Melbourne here to me? I’m LOLing,” someone pointed out. 

“Her face literally looks painted on,” another fan commented. “Oh Gia, you are way too pretty to do the Bratz doll thing, what is you doing, what year is it?” someone else said.

“That doesn’t even look like a human. It’s ridiculous,” a fan wrote.

“I wouldn’t have known that was Gia is you hadn’t said something,” a fan pointed out. 

“This is not only pathetic but it’s sad too,” a fan wrote.

“I still don’t understand why women do this it makes them look like a mannequin it’s really strange to me,” someone pondered.

Several people commented on the original photo as well.

“This is fake AF. Gia doesn’t need all these sick filters,” someone wrote.

“Why would you retouch Gia like that?!” another person asked.

“Sweet lord that’s too much,” another fan wrote.

“Disgusting amount of makeup. Come on you guys. Get real,” someone wrote. “So scary,” another said.

Gia Giudice’s Make-up Artists Defended Her Work With Candid Video ‘for the Haters’





Shortly after the Reddit thread was started the make-up artist posted a video with the caption, “For the haters… stunning.”

Several fans commented on that post as well.

“You. Are. The. Glam. goddesssss,” someone commented.

“Gia is Absolutely stunning Your work is amazing,” another fan wrote.

“Her eyes are just insaneee,” someone else commented.

Gia has been in the public eye much more this season as she’s finally speaking up and even getting her own storyline.

Her uncle Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa Gorga aren’t fans of the way she has been portrayed on the show.

“It makes me uncomfortable,” Melissa said while appearing on Watch What Happens Live.

Joe has also voiced his displeasure.

“I think she’s just too young right now to get involved. I just want her to go be happy, be a [then-20-year-old] and just go enjoy her life. She’s been through enough sh** in her life. Just don’t get involved in this stuff,” he said on the RHONJ aftershow. 

“Margaret is essentially like a 52-year-old woman. To even try to have a conversation with a 20-year-old is just weird,” Melissa said of Gia and Margaret Josephs’ squabble, also on the aftershow.

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