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Fan Reactions to Ariana Grande as a New Coach on ‘The Voice’


Ariana Grande made her debut as a coach on “The Voice” on September 20.

Season 21 of “The Voice” premiered Monday, September 20 on NBC.

The show welcomed a new coach in the season premiere: pop sensation Ariana Grande. The “Thank U Next” singer is a longtime fan of the show and was excited to join Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend in helping talented performers achieve their dreams.

Grande may be the biggest star to ever join “The Voice.” She has a whopping 267 million Instagram followers (for reference, Legend has 13.9 million and Shelton has 4.7 million). Some of her large fanbase may be tuning into “The Voice” for the first time this season.

But what do fans of “The Voice” think about Grande as a coach?

What Fans Are Saying About Grande as a Coach

Some of Grande’s fans, so-called Arianators, couldn’t help but comment on her fashion choices on the episode. In the opening number where all the coaches performed, Grande rocked a pink tank top and flared pants ensemble with a cowgirl hat.

“Ariana Grande looks gorgeous in new outfit for The Voice,” one fan tweeted. Another seemed to appreciate all the looks we’ve seen from Grande on the show so far, both in the premiere episode and in promotional materials.

“The way that ariana grande’s style has improved for the voice >>>> #TeamAriana,” the fan tweeted


One fan joked that Grande is now carrying the show’s viewership. After all, she’s arguably the most famous coach on the show now.

“Ariana grande and katy perry’s backs with the views for the voice and american idol,” one fan tweeted along with a picture showing a woman with a strained back, implying that Grande and Perry are the main reason “The Voice” and “American Idol” are popular.

But some longtime fans of “The Voice” weren’t excited by the prospect of Grande joining the show.

“Ariana Grande is in the Voice next season. No offence (sic) but I’m not very excited. I know it’s just me. Not a fan of her,” one fan tweeted when Grande joining the show was first announced.

Another wrote, “I am a huge fan of The Voice but I swear I will not watch next season if Ariana Grande wears that freaking ponytail every episode.”

Grande Is Clearly Taking This Job Seriously

Grande didn’t rely on her name recognition in the season premiere. She made strong pitches to contestants she wanted on her team and kept up with Blake Shelton’s banter and playful jabs.

The “Sweetener” singer also proved she isn’t just sweet. She didn’t turn around for just anyone. Grande says she’s listening for tone and precision during blind auditions. She didn’t hesitate to tell performers when they had pitch issues and didn’t turn around unless she felt emotionally moved by a performance.

One of the contestants that Grande failed to turn around for was 18-year-old Gracie Nourbash. Although Gracie didn’t advance past the blind auditions, she brought photos from the time she met Grande at a concert. Grande hugged her and asked if she could keep one of the photos.

In the episode, Grande could also be seen assembling lunch boxes of little goodies for the members of her team. Shelton stole a piece of her candy. Grand demanded he give it back, so he spit it out and handed it to her.

When is ‘The Voice’ on Again?

New episodes of “The Voice” air Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. Eastern time. That means the next episode will air on Tuesday, September 21.

The next several episodes will be devoted to blind auditions. See the coaches go head-to-head trying to convince the talented contestants to join their teams. Plus, will any of the coaches use their blocking power?

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