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Exclusive: Monte Taylor Reveals Which Jury Votes Surprised Him

Monte Taylor post show interview

On the Sunday, September 25 finale of “Big Brother,” Monte Taylor made a $750,000 mistake when he chose to take Taylor Hale over Mathew “Turner” to the final two. The Delaware native felt confident he had the votes to win over Taylor, the 27-year-old beauty queen from Detroit, but in the end, only one jury member cast their vote for Monte.

Monte may not have walked away a winner but he didn’t leave the “Big Brother” house empty-handed. He was rewarded with $75,000 for making it to the final two.

Heavy had the chance to chat with Monte about the season and that final two decision that may have cost him the win.

Here’s what you need to know:

Monte Reveals if He Regrets Bringing Taylor to Final Two

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Heavy: You won the final HOH and you chose to take Taylor to the final two. How confident were you that you had the votes to win when you made that decision?

Monte: I felt pretty confident… There were a lot of superfans in that jury. [There were] a lot of people [on the jury] that appreciated gameplayers in the past [and] valued what’s on your resume, what big threats you got out, how many times you’ve been on the block. That’s what I based my whole decision [on]. I did feel pretty confident going into [final two] but I completely overlooked the story and the path that Taylor has endured throughout this entire season and I’ve become even more aware of that after getting out of the house.

Heavy: Looking back, do you regret taking Taylor to final two? Do you think you could’ve won against Turner?

Monte: I don’t regret it because the information that I had was all that I had. I can’t go back and say I would’ve done something differently unless I have different information. I will say that people have told me I would’ve won against Turner, so that does make me think if I knew that, of course, I would’ve picked him. There was just no way of me knowing that at the time. I thought with Turner; people would compare our games very closely because we [were in] the same alliances. He [made] bigger moves in the game than I had but I won slightly more competitions, so I thought it would be a harder argument.

Heavy: The vote on the finale night was eight to one. How surprised were you by the jury votes and whose vote surprised you the most?

Monte: I was definitely surprised. I thought it was interesting that Turner was the only one who voted in my direction and he clearly wasn’t a part of those roundtables and whatever was being discussed beforehand. The most surprising votes….definitely Terrance. I know how he’s felt about Taylor the entire season…Joseph was one that I felt pretty surprised about. Kyle was also a pretty surprising vote too [and] Indy as well. I think most of them were surprising, outside of maybe Michael and Brittany.

Monte on Where He Stands With Taylor

Heavy: Your relationship with Taylor in the house was kind of a rollercoaster. You wanted her out in the beginning, and then you were allies, and then the showmance towards the end. Where does your relationship with Taylor stand now?

Monte: As of right now, we’re friends. I think we’re both, her probably more than I am, both getting more perspective on what’s happened throughout the season. What’s been said about us, about her, so that’s something that we’re getting overwhelmed with at the moment…But as of right now, we’ve had an initial conversation to just talk about what she has seen throughout the season. And I’ve had an opportunity to apologize for whatever has rubbed her the wrong way or whatever I said that was offensive.

Heavy: You made a few comments throughout the season about Taylor being cold. At one point, you called her personality unattractive. There was a pretty big disconnect between how the viewers saw Taylor and how the house saw Taylor. Looking back, with what you know now, do you think your early opinion of Taylor was shaped by her actions or by the way people were talking about her in the house?

Monte: It’s still hard to say because I remember what I felt at that time. I would also say that a lot of what I was saying was jaded by a lie that was planted in my head… Unfortunately, in that moment, me being emotional and me being upset, I probably said some things that I shouldn’t have said about Taylor. I still haven’t seen all of that yet. I’m giving that my time. Seeing the difference in how viewers felt, obviously, there [are] DR sessions that I haven’t seen. There were scenes in the house that I haven’t gotten a chance to witness… So yeah, I definitely had the wrong impression initially and it was just based off of misinformation. You do the best that you can while you’re in that house to make sure you can survive. But unfortunately, I think I just put trust in the wrong people.

Monte Shares What Game Move He Is Most Proud Of?

Heavy: Looking back on your “Big Brother” game, what game move are you most proud of?

Monte: I think winning that Veto against Michael. My god. I thought there was no chance that we were beating that man at anything. He had [beaten] us in a lot of competitions by a huge margin…That would be my proudest move.

Heavy: If they ever did another All-Stars season of “Big Brother,” would you consider playing the game again?

Monte: Man, that’s tough. I think being so fresh out of the house, it’s hard for me to say absolutely yes but I would never close off any opportunity… so I would consider it.

Watch our FULL interview with Monte HERE.

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