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DWTS Winner Makes Questionably ‘Illegal’ Move on 4th of July


The “Dancing with the Stars” winner joked about breaking the law on the 4th of July.

A former winner from “Dancing with the Stars” had a blast on the Fourth of July, and she got a little sassy about it on social media. Kaitlyn Bristowe, who won season 29 of “DWTS” with partner Artem Chigvintsev, grew up in Canada, but she has embraced American holidays since moving to the United States. The former “Bachelorette” and mirror-ball trophy winner celebrated the holiday at her home in Nashville, Tennessee, and she took to her Instagram page to give fans a glimpse of what she had planned.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kaitlyn Bristowe Joked She Might Be Breaking a Law on the 4th of July

Bristowe’s Instagram post on the Fourth of July teasingly suggested she might have been doing something illegal for the holiday. While she felt confident she was fine, she quipped that her fiance, former “Bachelorette” contestant Jason Tartick, felt otherwise. The first photo in Bristowe’s post was a selfie she shot in the studio room in her Nashville home where she records her podcast. She wore a tiny black bikini and had a long-sleeved black shirt draped over her arms and one shoulder. One of her dogs could be spotted standing behind her.

The “Dancing with the Stars” winner questioned, “Is it illegal to not wear red white or blue on the Fourth of July? Even if you’re Canadian??” Bristowe added, “Jason says yes,” indicating that her fiance seemed essentially offended by the idea she would wear a black bikini instead of something more aligned with the traditional red, white, and blue of the Fourth of July. The second part of Bristowe’s post was a very short video featuring the dancer and former “Bachelorette” doing a saucy body roll. She still wore the bikini and black shirt, but in this clip, she added a pair of loose black pants over her bikini bottoms.

“DAYYYMMMM KAIIITTTTT,” teased “Dancing with the Stars” professional dancer Daniella Karagach.

Bristowe’s Bikini Selfie Received a Lot of Feedback, Both Positive & Negative

Bristowe’s light-hearted holiday post received a big response. The “Dancing with the Stars” winner received 35,000 “likes” and almost 650 comments on her Instagram post, much of which was positive. However, the former “Bachelorette” also received a fair number of critical responses to her bikini selfies and things got a bit heated at times in the comments section.

“You live here and get a paycheck and take money from all USA citizens so you should respect the USA and those that lost their lives and continue to gives their lives for us to enjoy. Have some RESPECT,” blasted one critic.

“Seems this country has given you a lot…of course you don’t have to wear red, white and blue…but posting this almost mocking the USA traditions is just silly,” added another.

“Feel free to leave. No one will mind,” someone else declared.

“Slay the day away,” countered a supporter.

“Black seems very on point for the current situation of our country. Go girl,” someone else suggested.

“We stan a saucy Canadian,” declared a separate commenter.

Tartick shared a photo from the Fourth of July festivities on his Instagram page too, and he joked the holiday “gets weird and I’m here for it!” Both Bristowe and fellow former “Bachelorette” contestant Blake Horstmann suggested people got negative and rather out of control in the comments section of Tartick’s post too. Tartick replied that he deleted and blocked most, if not all of them, and indeed, the remaining visible comments seemed to be positive and supportive. Despite the negativity coming from some supposed “Bachelorette” and “Dancing with the Stars” fans, Bristowe and Tartick seemed to have a blast throughout the course of their Fourth of July holiday.

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