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DWTS Fans Blast Witney Carson’s Latest Instagrams of Baby Leo


Witney Carson on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ season 30

Some “Dancing With the Stars” fans are horrified by professional dancer Witney Carson’s latest Instagram posts showing her family at Walt Disney World and on a cruise, citing the fact that the pandemic is still very present and no one is wearing a mask.

Witney Carson & Her Husband Carson McAllister Took Baby Leo To Walt Disney World & on a Cruise

In two Instagram posts, Witney is pictured with her family on vacation. In the first one, she and Carson are kissing baby Leo, who turned 1 year old on January 4, 2022. The family is standing in front of Cinderella’s castle in the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, and the photo is captioned, “Happiest place on earth.”

In the comments, fans are taking the parents to task for being in a crowded theme park with no masks on, and some were concerned that Leo is too young to be vaccinated.

“Doesn’t look like anyone is wearing masks,” wrote one commenter, adding, “I won’t even go to the food store let alone Disney.”

“We will never be able to through this without everyone getting on board! I love Whitney and her family, and just want them to stay safe!” wrote another, adding later, “You guys are scaring me! Aren’t you scared not wearing masks! Everyone wants to have fun, but not at this risk! Sorry!”

Several others added comments that it is because of behavior like this that the pandemic is not under control.

“They don’t care….its because of people like this…that [the pandemic] is still spreading like a wild fire,” wrote another commenter.

Another commenter wrote, “Where are your masks? Everyone thinks [they’re] so invincible, whatever … look at all the people behind them in a CROWD no masks, get the ventilators ready for ignorant people especially with small children, I’m done venting it’s not me and my family.”

In a reference to Witney’s since-expired Instagram story, one commenter could not believe they took baby Leo on the haunted mansion ride, writing, “Love y’all but, I can’t believe you took your INFANT on a haunted house ride. Nightmares for life. His little brain has ZERO CLUE what his eyes are taking in. Even if you explained it & said its OK as you’re going along, he can’t understand the concept, only your reassuring tone but that won’t override the impression of horror on his brain which is a sponge rn. Bad parenting 101 moment.”

“Sorry but I don’t understand why people have to to a vacation when there is a deadly virus!” wrote another fan. “Not only are you taking the chance of getting [sick] but think what it will do to a one year old baby. I think you said you are going on a cusise? Where on any ship the virus is high rate. Just saying.”

Some People Defended Witney & Carson

Some comments were quick to jump to Witney and Carson’s defense, pointing out that they are outside and that people need to “live life.”

“Live life. Stop being scared. Be vigilant but stop listening to the media,” wrote one commenter.

Another added, “Oh please.. it is TWO YEARS OF THIS… And they are outside.”

A third said, “[Masks are] not required outdoors. Just stay home if you don’t like it.”

Another commenter called all the mask commenters “paranoid” and told them to “stop judging.”

One person said that cruise illness rates are not high because passengers must prove they’re vaccinated and have negative tests before boarding.

That isn’t exactly accurate, however. While cruises may be requiring vaccines and negative tests, there are still problems. According to NBC News, a Norwegian Cruise Line canceled a cruise mid-trip on January 15 due to pandemic-related issues and now the passengers are stranded until the ship can return to New York.

And a New York Times article from January 6 explores how even though cruises say they are safe choices right now, that is not always the case. One incident on the Celebrity Apex Caribbean cruise saw a man named Richard Lewis test positive while onboard and at first, things were fine but they quickly “became a nightmare.”

“The staff were masking up a heck of a lot more, social distancing was being enforced between passengers and things did not seem right,” said Lewis. “As we moved into the second week, some of the staff we became friends with disappeared and we found out they had gone into isolation. Then I started developing symptoms and tested positive and that’s when it became a nightmare.”

The captain said there were five positive cases on board, but Lewis was later told there were 16.

“I know the cruise industry has suffered and I’m so supportive of getting travel back to normality, but there’s a serious lack of transparency and covering things up, and hiding them away is not going to help people make informed decisions,” said Lewis.

A passenger from a Royal Caribbean cruise, Milly Parkinson, said that over 50 people tested positive on the ship and then all the other passengers who weren’t exhibiting symptoms were allowed to disembark without being tested.

“I took a test because I had symptoms, but think of all the people who were asymptomatic who just walked off the ship straight into the grocery store, a restaurant or a nightclub,” said Parkinson.

“Dancing With the Stars” has not yet been renewed for season 31. If it is renewed, it will return in September 2022.

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