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Dr. Terry Dubrow Says He Was ‘Blindsided’


Terry Dubrow in 2018.

Dr. Terry Dubrow has addressed the moment he was “blindsided” at his own wife’s party while filming “Real Housewives of Orange County.

The very first episode of RHOC season 16 kicked off with big drama after a decades-old lawsuit was brought up and then spread amongst the ladies that involved Nicole James and her then-doctor.

“I was blindsided with it,” Terry told Page Six in February.

Here’s what you need to know:

Dr. Terry Dubrow Says He ‘Felt Bad’ When He Realized ‘There’s a Problem’ With a Former Patient of His

The rumor, which was initially spread amongst the ladies via Shannon Beador, was revealed to Heather Dubrow, Terry’s wife, by Gina Kirschenheiter and Heather went off. Terry was home and he came to speak with Nicole who was hiding in a room crying.

“To be honest with you, my initial reaction was I felt bad — because that meant that there was a problem,” he told Page Six. “And so if I’m your doctor and there’s a problem, I feel bad about it. Obviously, we worked through it and it was no big deal. Heather and Nicole are friends and she’s a wonderful girl.”

Through tears, Nicole says she was pushed by lawyers to file the suit and it never came to fruition because she ended up dropping it.

“At first, it was like, ‘Wait, who, what, huh?’ She had a different name back then,” Terry told the outlet. “I don’t remember much of it. I had to even ask her, ‘What happened?’”

The trio is fine now, he says.

“It happened 20 years ago and it was one of these things that came and went and it really wasn’t a big deal,” Terry told the outlet.

Heather Dubrow Confronted Shannon Beador for Spreading the Lawsuit Rumor ‘I’m Not Saying This as a Threat. I’m Saying This as a Promise’

The same can’t be said for Heather and Shannon’s relationship.

A few episodes later Heather pulled Shannon aside to give her a talk about her feelings stemming from her spreading the 20-year old lawsuit around.

“I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but this is how I feel: If you ever come after me or my family ever again, you are going to lose a lot more than just my friendship. This will cost a lot. And I’m not saying this as a threat. I’m saying this as a promise,” Heather told Shannon.

Shannon spoke to Entertainment Tonight on January 5 to discuss that now infamous RHOC moment.

“She did threaten me,” Shannon told the outlet. “And accusing me of going after her family, taking it to that next level, for the things that she said to me, going through my head was, ‘Are you gonna kill me?!’ Are you going to try to take away the business that I’ve created to support my children? Because that’s you threatening my family.”

Viewers, at the time, felt that the moment was scripted, Shannon agreed.

“There was another part of me going through this [saying], bravo! How many times did you practice going through this in front of the mirror?” she told the outlet. “Because it seemed very scripted to me.”

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