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Did ‘Big Brother’ Producers Sabotage Sarah Beth With This Advice?


Sarah Beth Steagall and Kyland Young on ‘Big Brother 23.”

Sarah Beth Steagall, a 28-year-old forensic scientist from Florida, placed ninth on “Big Brother 23.”

As a member of the Kings team, she worked closely with Xavier Prather, Alyssa Lopez, and Christian Birkenberger at the beginning of the game, but ultimately formed a closer bond with Kyland Young. She and Kyland became one of the duos in The Cookout alliance’s master plan.

After winning Head of Household and successfully backdooring Derek Xiao, Sarah Beth was very vulnerable going into week 8. Tiffany Mitchell won Head of Household and put Sarah Beth and Kyland on the block together. The Cookout successfully voted Sarah Beth out.

Fan reactions to Sarah Beth have been mixed. “F*** Sarah Beth and I said that s***,” a phrase Tiffany said in the house, has been used widely on social media. But other fans feel that Sarah Beth was a good player and was given a so-called “villain edit” in the “Big Brother” episodes.

Sarah Beth recently opened up about advice she was given by the show’s producers that may not have been very good.

What ‘Big Brother’ Producers Told Sarah Beth Not to Do

In an appearance on BB21 alum Jessica Milagros’s show “GIRL Let’s Agree to Disagree (GLATD),” Sarah Beth said that she regrets taking a piece of advice from the “Big Brother” production team.

She explained that she wishes the fans at home knew more about what she was thinking during the game and why she made certain decisions. “I didn’t take advantage of talking directly to the cameras about my game,” she said. “I think I really relied on the show to show my Diary Rooms for people to know what was going on in my head. And I have realized that that was not a good plan.”

Sarah Beth said she went into the game planning on talking to the cameras a lot. What stopped her? Advice from production. She explained that one of the tips production gave her going into the game was that live feeders hate when you talk to the camera. Jessica Milagros looked shocked by this.

“I have learned coming out of the house that that’s not even really true so I wish I hadn’t taken that advice from them,” Sarah Beth said.

America’s Favorite Houseguest Talked to the Cameras Often

Tiffany Mitchell took home the America’s Favorite Houseguest award this season. Many fans, especially those who watched the live feeds, enjoyed Tiffany’s monologues where she addressed the cameras directly. When Tiffany had time alone in a room, she would explain her thought processes to the viewers at home. These speeches routinely made it into the episodes as well.

These moments showed viewers just how deeply Tiffany was thinking about every game move. There could be no doubt as to whether she was winging things or thinking them through.

It’s unclear if Tiffany wasn’t given the same advice as Sarah Beth or if she was and chose to ignore it.

Sarah Beth has had a good sense of humor about her gameplay on social media. Her Twitter bio says “the villainess of #bb23.” In a tweet advertising her Cameo, she joked that she charges $30 for a Cameo and $130 if “you want me to apologize profusely for sending DX home.”

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