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Derek Frazier on Why It’s Time for ‘Big Brother’ to Update Its Competitions


Derek Frazier on “Big Brother 23.”

Derek Frazier was not known for his competition wins in the “Big Brother” house.

In fact, Frazier is the first houseguest since Dr. Will Kirby to make it to the final two without winning a single competition. Although not all “Big Brother” competitions are physical, many of them are. There are competitions where endurance, agility, and balance play a role in determining the victor.

In an interview with Cinema Blend, Frazier was asked whether he thinks it’s time to adjust the nature of “Big Brother” competitions to consider players of different body types.

“I think it is,” Frazier said. “You know what? I’ll say this. I, in the beginning, was very frustrated because I felt like, hey – when they said new beginnings? I was thinking we were going to get some strength comps up in there. I thought we were going to get some sandbags. Let’s put some water above our heads and see who can hold it the longest, you know. I thought we were going to have a little bit more things that would’ve been something for me as a big guy to advance in.”

Frazier Thinks Next Season Will Have More Comps for ‘The Big Guys’

Frazier told Cinema Blend that as the season progressed, some of the competitions were more suited for him, such as the Caged Eggs competition and BB Comics. Neither competition is really about strength, but Frazier did perform better in them than other competitions. In the Caged Eggs competition, players must maneuver an egg through a wired fence from one location to another.

Although BB Comics is really about attention to detail, there is a physical component as well. Players must zip line slowly past a window and look at the images inside.

Frazier told Cinema Blend that he thinks future seasons will include more competitions for people with his body type. “I think as the next season transitions in, I think there will be a little bit more comps that will be for guys that are like, you know, us, the big guys,” he said.

The “Big Brother” eligibility requirements state that houseguests “must be in excellent physical and mental health.”

Frazier Wanted to Show He’s ‘Not Afraid of These Little Six-Packs’

Frazier told Cinema Blend it was important to him that he displayed confidence on the show and didn’t give up even when he failed.

“I wanted to show that no matter what, I’m not afraid of these little six-packs,” he said. “I wanted people to feel that confidence because on these reality shows, sometimes they don’t show that part of America, and that’s a part of America! We’re beautiful too. So, show us, and I think this season did really good.”

Frazier Called Some BB23 Jurors ‘Jealous’

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Frazier addressed the fact that he didn’t get a single jury vote.

“I think the problem was you had jury members that I felt were jealous because they didn’t want to give me credit for things that I did, because a lot of the things I did was behind the scenes,” he said. “A lot of things executed, a lot of people going home and to the jury would have never happened if I didn’t do the things that were supposed to be done.”

Frazier also added that Xavier Prather did deserve the win. “Xavier definitely did earn it, I’m not taking that from him,” he said.

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