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Consumer Reviews Chelsea Houska’s Clothes & Shares Photos


“Teen Mom 2” star Chelsea Houska wants people to be “comfy and stylish” with her clothing.

One “Teen Mom” fan has a serious case of buyer’s remorse.

After purchasing some of Chelsea Houska’s clothing items from Lily and Lottie by Laurie Belles, they posted a series of photos on Reddit that showed what the items looked like online versus in real life. It turned out that — for this person — what they saw in the promotions didn’t meet their expectations.

“Since some of you asked to see what Chelsea’s clothes actually look like, I’ve put some together for you,” they wrote on February 13.

The person claimed Lily & Lottie “monitored” comments because their review didn’t go through. “I guess posting these on Reddit is the closest thing to counting as my review lol,” the social media user said.

“I honestly don’t think the quality is worth the price at all for any of these items,” they continued. “The distressed hoodies they’ve put out like three times and every time they say they ‘upped’ the quality.”

Fans Claimed Houska’s Clothes Were ‘Trash’

The Reddit thread garnered a lot of attention, amassing 500 upvotes and generating more than 450 comments. It was one of the most popular conversations taking place on the thread that day.

One of the most popular responses was from some who said Houska didn’t wear her own line.  “You know the clothes suck cuz Chelsea only wears them when she’s promoting them in these photo shoots,” they said, attracting more than 100 upvotes. “She doesn’t wear them in everyday life.”

Some people wondered if Houska was frauding people. “The samples Chelsea is wearing look like way better quality than the final product that is sold?!? What a scam lol,” another top comment read.

A number of people accused Houska’s clothing line of being low quality.

“Why would someone waste their time and money on this garbage? Seriously why do people buy this crap?” they said.

“That stuff is actual garbage 🗑 Sorry you wasted your money but you did a good public service!” another social media user wrote.


Houska Wants People to be ‘Comfy & Stylish’

On her website with Lily & Lottie, Houska first thanks people for shopping her collection.

“As a mom it’s important to me to be able to be stylish AND comfy,” she says in her mission statement. “With a little bit of an edge. I hope you guys love these pieces as much as I do! xx Chelsea DeBoer.”

Houska started her Lily & Lottie collection after working with Laurie Karlson, the owner of Laurie Belles.

“The pair decided that there was a need to bring high quality, made from scratch statement pieces as well as basics to customers at amazing prices,” their website explains. “The pair has been able to design, procure, manufacture, and bring to market, high-quality fashion that will be the highlight of your closet.”

Their most recent drop is a “distressed hoodie” that retails for $59.

“Ummmmm can you say obsessed??? 🤩 NEW Distressed Hoodies from Chelsea DeBoer drop this Saturday at 10am CST in Charcoal Grey, Mocha, Navy and Off White!” they write on Instagram.

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