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Champ Calls Out ‘The Challenge’ for ‘Bullc*** Disqualification’


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The final of season two of the popular spinoff “The Challenge: All Stars” is coming up quickly this week and the four remaining teams will be happy that the final elimination of the season saw one of the stronger teams get sent home. Jodi Weatherton and Brad Fiorenza were eliminated after they got sent to the arena for getting disqualified in the challenge.

After the episode aired, Jodi and Brad spoke about getting disqualified from the challenge because Brad broke several of the boxes on top of the moving truck. While Jodi called it a “bullc*** disqualification,” Brad said they’d been told the rules for DQ and they hadn’t been told his move would lead to him getting DQed.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Brad told Jodi, “All we had to do is not lose — what the hell, we went from winning to all we have to do is not lose, and then I DQed us?” He added, “Normally tell you exactly what you’re going to get DQed for. They didn’t tell us not to do that. I immediately felt horrible for you. I felt horrible even for production. I’m like, “I would never break their equipment on purpose!”

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Jodi Said She Thought It Was ‘Bullc***’ & Got the Impression the Producers Knew It

Jodi told the outlet that she was “in shock” when they announced it but that looking back, she should have said something about the disqualification to host TJ Lavin. “I know it’s not him making up the rules, but I wish I could have said, ‘How can you just throw out a bullc*** disqualification? That is not something you stated in the beginning that you’d be disqualified for. Did you just make that up on the fly?’”

She also said that the producers had all the cast members line up after the challenge and they were ready to find out the results. “T.J. was literally opening his mouth to talk and they’re like, ‘Hold it.’” The champ said the producers then took everyone away again for another 20 minutes.

It was 20 minutes where they were changing their minds, making up this bullcrap disqualification, brought us back out, and that’s when they said it. They literally just made that up.

Jodi went on to explain that only one rule was given that would lead to a disqualification and that was if someone got pulled off the truck. “M.J. got pulled off the truck and was hanging,” she said. “The Duel” winner told EW that afterward, the producers went to check on her and Brad and she said she thought it was “because they knew they’d done something wrong.”

“They knew that they made this up in the last moment and it could have ruined our chances of getting to the final, which it did, ultimately,” she concluded.

Jodi Also Said She Wasn’t Happy With the Edit Making Them Look Like ‘Idiots’

In the same interview, Jodi said she was annoyed that the final edit made her and Brad look like idiots. She said they weren’t told that they would have to untie the knots and they would have had a good chance of winning if they’d known. “That made me really mad because I maybe didn’t figure it out, but they didn’t tell us,” she said. “I just didn’t like that we were made to look really stupid.”

She echoed those comments on an Instagram Story after her elimination, telling her supporters that the instructions from TJ about untying knots came in a voiceover after the fact. She said she wished she had asked more questions about the knots. “I’m not that big of an idiot to have missed [TJ’s explanation],” she said, “I just was a big enough of an idiot to not figure out that I had to untie them when I got there and saw them.”

The final episode of “The Challenge: All Stars” season two will drop on Paramount+ on January 13.

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