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Bravo Star Claps Back at Haters Claiming She’s ‘Thirsty’


Andy Cohen during a Real Housewives reunion.

The season 8 premiere of “Southern Charm” dropped on Bravo on June 23 and fans saw “Summer House” star Paige DeSorbo make her debut on the show as Craig Conover’s date to Kathryn Dennis’ 30th birthday party.

DeSorbo and Conover are now boyfriend and girlfriend but when “Summer House” season 6 was filming and heading into “Southern Charm” season 8, the two were still dating and exploring their relationship. Fans first saw the two connect on the spinoff “Winter House” prior to “Summer House” season 6, which means DeSorbo and Conover starred on three Bravo shows.

After DeSorbo’s debut on “Southern Charm,” one fan called her out in the comments of an Instagram post showing off her Italian vacation style and labeled her “thirsty.” The fan referenced Austen Kroll starring on “Summer House” and comments made at that show’s reunion about how appearing on three shows was “thirsty.” They wrote, “Didn’t you say Austen would look ‘thirsty’ doing 3 shows??? You are thirsty!!!!”

DeSorbo clapped back, “I never said that, another summer house cast member did. I’ll be thirsty all the way to the bank all day everyday.” Here is the comment:

Paige DeSorbo's Instagram

InstagramPaige DeSorbo’s Instagram

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According to DeSorbo’s Remarks at the Season 6 Reunion, Radke Was the One Who Made the Original Comment

The person’s criticism referenced a comment made by DeSorbo at the first part of the season 6 “Summer House” reunion, although the Bravo star was actually quoting her co-star Carl Radke.

As viewers might remember, during part one of the reunion, the cast members reminisced about the biggest fight of the season between Ciara Miller and Lindsay Hubbard after Kroll visited the Hamptons house. Kyle Cooke recalled that Miller was disappointed that Conover visited the house on one occasion but Kroll didn’t.

Cooke told Miller, “I thought you made it pretty clear that you were bummed out.” Most of the cast agreed as Cooke added that that was the first sign of “lingering feelings” and he thought everyone, including Lindsay Hubbard, knew.

Radke then told Miller, “He didn’t come to see you, he backed off of that —” DeSorbo then interjected, “Yeah because you called him and told him not to come. You said it was gonna look thirsty being on three shows.” Radke replied, “It is thirsty being on three shows.” At the time the “Summer House” season 6 reunion took place, “Southern Charm” had already been filmed so many fans assumed that could have been a dig at DeSorbo as well.

DeSorbo Appeared in the ‘Southern Charm’ Premiere & Will Be Featured in Other Episodes of the Show

DeSorbo made her “Southern Charm” debut at the season 8 premiere when she appeared as Conover’s date to Dennis’ Great Katsby party. She didn’t get much airtime, although many cast members discussed Conover’s hookup with ex Naomie Olindo over the summer.

According to the show’s trailer, however, it seems as though DeSorbo will appear again as it included an uncomfortable conversation between her and Conover. The New York native was seen telling him, “I think that hanging out one-on-one with an ex while you are dating someone is inappropriate.”

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