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Seema Goswami: Have had many offers to turn the books into web series

Author Seema Goswami says her latest political thriller Madam Prime Minister, and its prequel Race Course Road, have aroused the interest of many web platforms. When asked if her characters have any resemblance to specific politicians in the present times, the author denies adding “they are not prototypes of any particular leader, dead or alive, in politics or retired”.

ByHenna Rakheja, New Delhi

“I don’t know if I am done with Asha Devi yet,” says columnist-author Seema Goswami, about the protagonist of her latest book Madam Prime Minister. Its story takes off from where her previous novel, Race Course Road — her “first political thriller” — had ended, and set the tone for newer challenges conjured up for a gamut of characters. Most of the action in this sequel takes place in the top echelons of the government, and a sub plot runs in the world of journalism.

Goswami, who began her “career in journalism as a political reporter”, recalls: “I wrote Race Course Road because I wanted to use all the experiences I had, to create a fictional world in which I could examine the stresses and strains of politics, and what it does to people in their personal and professional lives. So while Race Course Road covered a general election and all the elements that involves, Madam Prime Minister takes in everything from a terrorist attack to a surgical strike to the pulls and pressures of coalition government.”

The fast-paced story alongwith the presence of a plethora of characters could convince any reader that this work is apt for a cinematic adaptation. And the Delhi-based writer elucidates, “I wrote the two books as novels rather than with one eye on turning them into web series. I just wanted tightly-paced, highly visual narratives that would keep the readers turning the pages. But ever since they came out many people have said that they can see them as web series… I had many people from production companies and web platforms reaching out after Race Course Road was released. But I wasn’t so keen to sell the book to an OTT platform right then because I wanted to write my sequel first and develop the story in my own way. Now that Madam Prime Minister is out, I have had many offers for turning the two books into a web series. It’s an exciting prospect and conversations are on right now. So maybe you will soon see Asha Devi on a screen in your living room!”

Though some of her character sketches appear to be too familiar with people in the political world, Goswami denies stating, “My characters are not based on any specific individuals. They are fully realised beings who sprang from my imagination. They may have some elements of real-life politicians but they are not prototypes of any particular leader, dead or alive, in politics or retired. And no, nobody has called to say that they thought any character was based on them… My idea was to base the book in the near future. So all the Prime Ministers we know, from Atal Bihari Vajpayee to Narendra Modi, have come and gone in the universe of my book. That gave me license to write my own story, rather than get bogged down in the politics of the day.”

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