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Five Best Bedtime Stretches To Ensure An Uninterrupted Sleep

Sleep is arguably the most benefitting and crucial biological activity that the human body performs. The quality of sleep is highly dependent on the kind of lifestyle a person has. However, another aspect that affects the nature of sleep greatly is the rituals that one can perform right before dozing off.

For sleep to churn out maximum benefit, it is very important for the body to be completely relaxed and at ease. One of the best ways to achieve that physical state is stretching. Stretching re-organises the neural and muscular orientation of the body and helps in reducing the pressure on muscles that may hinder your good night’s sleep.

In this article, we have listed the five best stretching poses that are extremely convenient to perform and can affect your sleep to a great extent.

Pigeon Stretch

Ever since the world shifted entirely to digital due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people find themselves sitting on a chair for most parts of their day, while, say working. This stretching pose is perfect for such people. It helps the hips open up and stretches the legs nicely too. Try maintaining this pose for three to five minutes for maximum effect.

The Sphinx Pose

The sphinx stretching pose helps greatly in targeting the areas such as the glutes, pelvis, hips. However, it primarily works around the spine and the back. This stretching pose not only helps in opening up the back muscles but also rejuvenates their strength. For best results, try holding the pose for three to five minutes.

Child’s Pose

The child’s pose, as the name suggests, is a child’s play and benefits the entire body. Add to this a rotating arm movement, and the focus shifts to the upper body specifically, primarily the shoulders. Performing this pose right before sleeping will ensure that there are no interruptions and you get your good seven-eight hours.

Forward Fold

This stretching pose has a hidden advantage apart from nurturing the muscles. The forward fold also benefits digestion and improves the system. Coming to muscles, the pose helps in benefitting the rams, legs, and back. Another small advantage is that you can perform this pose while sitting and standing.


The last but the most popular stretching pose-cum-exercise is the plank. The pose strengthens your core and is also beneficial to a person’s balancing abilities. In addition to this, performing planks also improves your metabolism. After a long tiring day, perform the plank for roughly two minutes to relax and cool off.

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