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Ashley Jones Slams ‘Demonic’ Farrah Abraham


“Teen Mom 2” star Ashley Jones said she felt something sinister when Farrah Abraham surprised the “Teen Mom Family Reunion” cast with her unexpected participation.

“Teen Mom 2” star Ashley Jones said she felt something sinister when Farrah Abraham surprised the “Teen Mom Family Reunion” cast with her unexpected participation.

Abraham, 30, was fired by MTV in 2017 for her work in the adult entertainment industry. Five years later, she returned to the network.

For the February 1 episode, called “Welcome to Farrah-Dise,” MTV teases Abraham’s monumental debut.

“A controversial cast member arrives, leaving everyone at a loss for words,” the description says. “Will the moms be able to accept this new twist…or will the reunion come to a screeching halt?”

It wasn’t until the very end of the episode that Abraham finally reconnected with her old cast members. Everyone was at the bar taking a shot when she strolled up and said, “Hi.” Almost everyone’s face dropped.

“All of a sudden I see this very familiar face coming around the corner and my eyes adjusted a little bit and I knew who it was,” said Gary Shirley in a confessional.

“I feel a demonic presence,” Jones told cameras. “It’s creeping up on me.”

Jones Said She & Abraham Have Words on ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’

MTV ended the episode before viewers could see Abraham interact with the cast, but, according to Jones, she and Abraham had some words.

“I can’t wait till y’all see Farrah tell me about how I should keep my legs closed #teenmomfamilyreunion,” she tweeted on January 29. “Actually I tried to kick her in the face but …. Mtv edited that out.”

When someone asked if Jones was referring to Abraham, who has a sex tape, Jones replied: “No , the one that s**** in a cup on camera for money …. I think you got them confused.”

According to The Hollywood Gossip, the bad blood between Abraham and Jones goes back to January 2019. They were both at a club together and danced together for “five seconds.”

When Jones received some criticism for being friendly with Abraham, she defended the “Teen Mom OG” star at first.

“Everyone’s mad that I ran into Farrah at a party as if I was supposed to ‘check’ her or be rude to her,” Jones said at the time, according to The Hollywood Gossip. “She’s done nothing to me this isn’t high school.”

It wasn’t clear what Abraham said to turn Jones sour — with The Hollywood Gossip saying “Farrah made some sort of derogatory comment” — but after that Jones didn’t defend Abraham anymore.

Abraham Didn’t Respond to Jones’ Diss

Abraham didn’t immediately respond to Jones’ comments.

She has been experiencing the fallout from her arrest on January 15, after she was accused of hitting a security guard, a claim Abraham denies.

She was charged with misdemeanor assault — per  Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department records — and is due in court on May 19 to answer for the charges.

Abraham claims she was the one who was “attacked” and is now suffering from the injuries she sustained.

“I lost dysfunction in the upper right side of my body. I was recently, kind of, actually, attacked and illegally cuffed by some guy,” Abraham told TMZ.

“It’s like defamation when someone says you touched them and I was actually attacked. Um, it’s just scary. It’s scary to be a woman in that position,” she said to TMZ. “I was grateful for the police coming.”

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