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Arya Babbar’s verbal spat with a pilot: Says, “Pilot didn’t have a good breakfast, perhaps” – Exclusive! – Times of India

Arya Babbar was off to Mangalore this morning for an assignment but little did he know what lay in store for him in his Go Airways flight, which took from Mumbai at 10.30 am. Neither did the pilot know what lay ahead when he took off from his house. The two got into a verbal duel, which acquired slightly high-pitched tones.

From the video, we see the pilot telling Arya that he had cracked a joke on him. He tells Arya, ‘You said: ‘Ye kya chalayega?’. Watch the Instagram post which was recorded by Arya and put on his handle:

Raj Babbar’s son, Arya further told ETimes, “That’s maybe what the pilot heard. But I definitely didn’t say ‘Ye kya chalayega?’. I simply turned around to my friend – who’s an actor’s son I don’t want named – and said, ‘Bhai, yeh bhi yahan hain?’ which is tantamount to saying ‘Ye bhi hamare saath hi ha aa rahen hai?’. We reached the aircraft adjacent to each other which was a coincidence and don’t you say things like these to your own self when such coincidences happen? I just happened to say it to my co-traveller. The pilot heard it wrong.”

The drama unfolded in the cockpit, where Arya says he was summoned before the flight embarked on the runway. “The airhostess came and inquired if I was the one who had cracked a joke on the pilot. She said that the pilot wanted to have a word with me. Initially, I wondered why I should go and told her if he could come and meet me as I hadn’t cracked any joke. But I soon realised that she might have to face trouble and I didn’t want to put the other passengers in any discomfort either. The rest you can see on my Instagram video.”

Going back to the video, the pilot stretched out his hand, but Arya clearly told him, “I don’t want to shake hands.”

Going on the other side of the fence, Arya who recorded his interaction with the pilot, however concluded by saying, “Looking at this sensitive pilot, I would say that I think we are all very stressed out in today’s times. We all have become very hyper. It is really time to take stock of the situation and calm down.”

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