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Watch: David Letterman Trolls Kevin Durant at Nets Press Conference

NBA press conferences can be a little dry, if not totally worthless when it comes to yielding anything resembling novel insight into how the players behind the microphone process the game.

How does it feel to win such a close game over your most heated rival?

It feels good.

What was it like guarding LeBron James?

It was difficult.

What is the team’s mindset heading into the playoffs?

We’re going to take things one game at a time.

It’s fitting, then, that David Letterman, the late-night comedy icon known for his deadpan delivery, decided to make a cameo at the Brooklyn Nets’ media day on Monday, posing as “Dave from Basketball Digest” to grill Kevin Durant, who can tend to be a little prickly with the press, with a few of the questions that have been burning a hole in the minds of content-starved basketball fans all summer.

“KD, why do people call you KD?” Dave asked. “Can I call you KD.”

Durant explained, very dryly, that the nickname is a result of his first name, Kevin, beginning with a K, and his last name, Durant, beginning with a D. Letterman followed it up by asking what percentage he plans on giving on the court this year.

“90? 95? 100? 110?” Letterman clarified. “What are we looking at?”

“110,” Durant replied, to the relief of Nets fans worried he might mail it in as the team tries to win its first championship this year.

Letterman later told Durant that he’d spoken with Knicks owner Jon Dolan, and that he and league worked out an arrangement that will allow Durant to play for the Knicks on the days he’s not playing for the Nets.

“Comments?” Letterman asked.

Durant had had enough.

“All right, Dave, that was the last one.”

Letterman did squeeze in one final question before he left, though.

“What about the Pelicans? When you guys play the Pelicans does it kind of make you giggle?”

“Yeah,” Durant said, finally breaking character to let out a laugh.

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