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Ariana Grande Reveals Which Coach is Her ‘Biggest Rival’ on ‘The Voice’


Ariana Grande is the newest coach on NBC’s “The Voice.”

Ariana Grande is the newest coach on the set of NBC’sThe Voice.” In her inaugural season, she hopes to dethrone Blake Shelton, who says he’s the “King” of the show.

Grande and the other coaches stopped by E! News’ Daily Pop broadcast to talk about what it’s like to be the newest coach on the show and revealed that she has plenty of contestants who she thinks could come away with the win.

“It’s just been exciting to be so moved in the moment that you turn your chair,” Grande told the outlet. “Maybe you went into it thinking, ‘Oh, I know what kind of voices I’m going to turn for,’ and then someone’s performance completely surprises you, and you’re like, ‘Wow!’”

She also revealed that she thinks Grammy-winning artist John Legend is her biggest threat when it comes to winning. Kelly Clarkson, however, warns that they can’t discount Blake Shelton’s prowess on the show.

The Coaches Shared Their Thoughts on Season 21

For the first promotional video for season 21 of “The Voice,” the coaches sat around a campfire while Grande sang them a song.

“When I work in Hollywood, I expect things to be Hollywood-ish,” Shelton shared. “But we actually had a real fire we were sitting around, and it was hotter than hell.”

Clarkson joked that she hoped to win, though she knew people were drawn to Shelton.

“I honestly think that my team is really solid, a lot of winners possibly on my team,” Clarkson said. “It’s just the gravitational pull on the one on the end is so upsetting,” she added, referencing Shelton, who sits at the opposite end of the panel.

Legend added that it’s really America who decides who wins the show, anyway, so they should vote for whoever they thought was most deserving.

“And that’s the really beautiful thing,” Grande shared.

The Other Coaches See Grande as a Threat

During an interview with ET Online, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson shared why they thought Grande was a threat when it comes to “The Voice” season 21.

“Of course she’s a threat!” Legend told the outlet. “She is hugely talented, hugely successful, and has legions and legions of fans that know how to use the internet and vote.”

That being said, he added, “There’s certainly a learning curve. But she comes in as a formidable opponent.”

Clarkson jumped in at that.

“There’s no disadvantage when you’re Ariana Grande,” she insisted. “She can’t say it. I will.”

Grande said that she loves being on “The Voice” more than she loved watching it, and she has been a “huge fan” for a long time, she told the outlet.

“I have watched many seasons and I love watching the show,” she shared. “It always has the best energy. It’s such wholesome, inspiring television, and I love seeing the different voices and watching so many people start careers for themselves. It’s a beautiful, amazing thing.”

“The Voice” premieres in a two-part event on Monday, September 20 and Tuesday, September 21 at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time on NBC.

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