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Amber Portwood’s ‘Dream Home’ Trashed After Son’s Custody Loss


“Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood regained access to her Geist, Indiana, home after Andrew Glennon moved to California with their 4-year-old son, James.

“Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood was disturbed by the way her house was left after her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, moved to California with their 4-year-old son, James. A judge determined Glennon could live in the Geist, Indiana, home after Portwood pleaded guilty to domestic battery and intimidation in 2019. Three years later, Portwood was allowed to return to her “dream home” after a judge awarded full custody of James to Glennon in July.

On the November 8 episode of “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter,” Portwood feared the home would be in disarray, but she was seriously disturbed when she saw the state of the house. Portwood’s blended family, the Shirleys, came with her to investigate the property. When they pulled up, the grass and shrubs were overgrown.

Portwood purchased the home for $315,000 in 2018, per The Sun.

Portwood’s ex, Gary Shirley, pulled into the driveway and told everyone to wait in the car while opened the garage. MTV cameras showed there were stains on the floors in walls and some items and there were clothes strewn about the house.

“Oh my gosh. It doesn’t even look like the house,” the “Teen Mom” star said when they pulled up.

Shirley said it smelled like urine in the home. He went over to the couch to pick up a blanket and said it smelled like pee.

Leah, the 13-year-old that Portwood and Shirley share, was shocked by the home. She said child protective services should have been called on her mother’s ex. Kristina Shirley, her stepmother, seemed to nod in agreement.

Portwood Was Sick to Her Stomach

Portwood couldn’t believe what her house looked like as she checked out each room.

“God is this even real right now?” she said. “God please help me.”

MTV cameras followed her into the bathroom, where the tub was lined with dirt and debris.

“What the heck is this? Oh my god. Look at my tub!” Portwood said. “This is insane to me.”

“I’m starting to feel really sick to my stomach,” she continued. “I can’t see how a child of 4 can live here like this. This is like disturbing.”

In talking with one of her friends, Portwood admitted that losing custody of James was the hardest thing she’s ever gone through.

Prison might have been difficult, but “this pain in completely different,” she said.

“What I have to process is that I’m going to be traveling a lot, spending way too much money that I shouldn’t be spending,” Portwood told her friend. “And child support and back child support when there was no agreement because I gave him a big a** house in Geist”

Shirley Said Leah & Portwood Have Something in Common Now

The Shirleys got to say goodbye to James before he left for California and the meeting left on an emotional note.

“I feel like sometimes she grew up too quick,” Shirley confessed.

The father-of-two was able to find a silver lining to Portwood’s custody loss: It brought Leah and her mom closer together.

“I know her and her mom had a rough spot for good reasons,” he said, “but with James having to move away with his dad, I feel like it’s given Leah and her mother something in common: They both lost someone.”

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